Dealing with Passwords

hat do you do to handle all the passwords that you accumulate on the internet, credit cards, bank accounts ... from everywhere? Do you write them down somewhere? What if somebody finds them all in one place ... like on your hard drive? You could be wiped out.

There is a simple way to handle large numbers of different passwords. You only have to memorize one simple thing and then you can ...

Write them down anywhere.

Just write your pin number on your credit card and you'll never forget it ... or ... lose it.

Like this.

Here is a list of passwords, pin numbers, credit card numbers ... just anything which involves typed security.

  • 5691 ... (a 4-digit pin number)
  • 6785 2238 9990 1242 ... (a credit card number)
  • 467-89-5962 ... (a social security number)
  • 1-817-446-9685 ... (a sensitive telephone number)
  • 02-245-6785 ... (your bank account number)
  • goozyu53 ... (email password)
  • 4bni$j1%@90# ... (a complex web site password)
You want these numbers handy ... yet at the same time secure. All you have to do is create a simple, universal procedure to alter each number in the same way.

Like this ...

Add 3 units to the 4th figure from the right.

Then, the numbers above become ...

  • 2691 ... (add 3 to the first number '2' to get back the above pin number)
  • 6785 2238 9990 8242 ... (add 3 to the '8'+3=11 for the credit card)
  • 467-89-2962 ... (add 3 to the '2' to retrieve the social security number)
  • 1-817-446-6685 ... (add 3 to the '6' to get back the telephone number)
  • 02-245-3785 ... (add 3 to the '3' for your bank account number)
  • goozvu53 ... (run 3 letters up the alphabet to get email password)
  • 4bni$j8%@90# ... (add 3 to the '8' = 11 to return the complex web site password)
    Here, another rule is "If the 4th from the right is a symbol, keep going right till you get to a number or letter.".
If the 4th position was an "x" ... moving 3 places would return "a" (x y z a).

Get it?

Now you can write them down anywhere and no one can decipher any one of them. They don't know what was altered or even if anything was altered. They have no knowledge about any place in the password, but you do. Only you know your simple rule.

There are hundreds of simple rules you could make up. So, this is no problem. Use two numbers-letters if you are paranoid.

I sometimes do this for a credit card pin number.

Take a razor blade and cut a nick in the card on each edge at a position indicating each number of a four digit pin, i.e. a nick at half of the top edge equals 5 and one 9/10 of the way on the next edge equals 9 and so on. Then you can read the card with your finger nail.

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