My Only
"Realized" Invention

his is the only (semi-elaborate) thing I ever invented and was able to make. I cobbled it together from scrap at a parts fabricating company where I was employed in the mid-70's.

At that time I was loading-offloading trucks with a forklift but there was no dock to go into the truck itself ... and most of the trucks were just stake trucks anyway. I needed something to hook onto the big crates of auto parts and pull them to the back end of the truck where I could get hold of them with my forks.

At first we just wrapped chains around them and pulled it back after tying off the chain on the forklift. Catalog crate pullerThis was a real "drag" though since it involved climbing onto the truck with a heavy chain ... too much unnecessary BS.

So, I asked for and got a scissors type attachment from a catalog which was designed for just this task. But I still had to climb up on the truck to put the g-damn, heavy thing (~12 lbs) on the g-damn skid base and attach the g-damn heavy chain to the g-damn forklift. No bueno!

So I designed this gizmo

My Invention

And ... g-damn if it didn't work !

I was very proud of it and showed it off to the boss and inquired as to whether I could get it heat treated and a short piece of a chain-hook combo welded onto the end to facilitate hooking it on my hilo. He allowed the welding but not the heat treat for cost reasons so I had to beef up the teeth with more cold-roll scrap so that it wouldn't bend under strain.

Now, I told everybody in the shop that this was mine but could be used by anyone ... PROVIDED ... that they didn't pull more than a large 4,000 pound crate (which was about the biggest thing that we handled). This would bend even my beefed up teeth.

A few weeks later, I came into work and found my gizmo (which I had refined, hack-sawed, band-sawed, drillpressed and bolted together over a period of 2 months), lying on a pile of scrap wood all bent out of shape. Of course, I immediately ascertained the causal data for this condition and proceeded to apply abstract logic to the situation.

I first bent the thing back into shape as good I was able then got me up a length of the aforementioned scrap wood ... about a two foot long "two by two" and placed it by the overhead door in the upright position and

... waited for Dennis ...

Fortunately for both he and I, some hours of waiting for the afternoon shift to arrive, duly transformed my asperity into a more genteel, vocal report of malfeasance.

This concluded the matter.


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