Ebtx Doorstop

his is my design for a new doorstop because I am tired of those which break and no longer work ... or ... lie around loose and get lost or kicked away.


It must hold the door open at any angle. A magnetic door holder is fine but it's either all open or all closed ... and ... I really don't want anything on the wall - just the door please.
If you pull on the door without knowing the doorstop is engaged, it must not break or bind. Rather, it must automatically reset itself by design.

Here goes ...

Ebtx Doorstop Design This doorstop, when in use, holds against the spring until forced by someone who wants to close the door. Then it automatically goes back to its waiting position because pulling the door pushes the stop past the spring which then holds it in the up position.

[Spring size and plunger-foot travel
are exagerated for show.]

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