Proper Intersections and Driveways

ll the world's driveways and street intersections are improperly made. I think for two basic reasons.

  • 1) Nobody thinks about it
  • 2) Construction crews can't handle anything asymmetric.
  • Here's the problem.


    We've got to get the "red" out.

    When making a right hand turn at a standard intersection, we have to nearly move out past the entrance lane before we start turning the wheel ... IN PRINCIPLE ... in order to turn the vehicle without having the rear wheel go up onto the curb. In a proper corner, the curve follows the natural progression of turning the front wheel gradually. The corner I'm here proposing just follows the "normal" track of the rear wheel.

    Of course, it would be the opposite handedness in England.

    Same thing for driveways ... especially driveways that you want to enter from a busy highway.

    You want to get off the road as quickly as possible ... not leaving your ass hanging out to be rear ended. Yet, you don't want to hit someone coming out that driveway because you've gone too far into his path because you didn't want to run up on the curb with your rear wheel. Get it?

    Like this:

    See? The red car will hit the blue car if he attempts to enter before blue exits the driveway. He has to wait till blue goes ... meanwhile ... somebody's haulin' ass behind him and talking on a cellphone. Crunch!

    The blue car has to watch out for both lanes because he has to swing out into oncoming traffic (slightly) to avoid having his right rear tire run up on the curb.

    Unless ... you cut away the dark gray piece ... then everything is just fine.


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