The Gak Fastener
Semi-Flexible Alternative to Nut& Bolt

seldom get an idea which is a guaranteed money maker. This one is. Therefore, it must have been thought of before. See? If I thought of it independently ... and it's good ... it's automatically been done before. So, I can't make any money here either ;o)

In fact, I don't even have to look around. It's guaranteed.


I called it this because that's what the aliens said all the time in the film comedy "Mars Attacks". It means everything and can be used anywhere. Well, this fastener system is good just about anytime you would need a semi-flexible connection rather than a "solid" tight nut on a bolt, or rivet, or weld.

Sometimes you want a little "give" so that the device doesn't break because of "fatigue" during multiple uses. The little bit of give absorbs the shock.

This could be adapted very well to connecting a toilet seat to the bowl. Easy on ... easy off if necessary ... no sawing of rusted bolts or loosening over time. This device can't loosen ... in principle ... because it squeezes a rubber washer then "backs off" a tiny bit so that to loosen it would have to paradoxically tighten a bit ... then come loose.

Here it is in one big Gif picture

The Gak Fastener (it can't come loose) - 16kb

Gak alternative setup - 6kb

Q: Why isn't this used on all sorts of things?

A: I have no idea. Anyone else have any info?

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