Library Design

his my personal design for a library ... the way I would have liked them to be before they "died" from terminal, terminal, i.e. the dissolution of the card catalog and its replacement by "dumb terminals" ... the new, improved, TUNNEL VISION SYSTEM.

Library Floor Plan

This is the second floor. First floor is entrance and other necessary spaces not used by regular visitors. The main idea here is to make the entire space visible to one or the other (or both) desk areas.

With each desk area at a focus ... and assuming an elliptical roof arrangement ... persons at opposite foci can communicate with each other by whisper without bothering anyone else.

Most importantly, the study areas are partially walled off with half-walls, plants etc. and look out onto the horizon ... or the building next door :o(. One could bring back the "smoking room" ... though I no longer have use for it. Rest rooms here also, stairwells, and just quiet reading rooms ... lots of them.

Another thing I want

is color coding of the Dewey decimal system so that when looking in the card catalog one can glance up and see the same color code on the stack as is on the card. Easy find, eh?

Also, each individual book should have a colored dot about a quarter inch in diameter (same color as the color code) on the spine of the book ... at a height on that spine designating its approximate position on the shelf relative to other books. Thus, one end of a row might have dots starting at the top and dropping down on the book spines till the last book on the shelf had a dot on the bottom end ... forming a diagonal row of dots. This is to assist in placing the books back on the shelves and has no actual correspondence to the Dewey system.

I'm just making a crude plan because no one will ever put this into actual practice.

It isn't | SQUARE | enough.

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