Nuclear Fusion

The Tokamak is a donut and will do nuttin'

ower generation requires the 'rythmic thrusting' model as anyone of the male persuasion will attest. So let us proceed to show what, in principle, this entails.

We shall employ a four - point, electric field containment.

  • Inject H - plasma
  • Create four-point field (capturing plasma)
  • Increase field strength (compression)
  • Ignition (fusion)
  • Power (radiation heats cavity, extract heat)
  • Exhaust (release one point of field, other three blow out debris)
  • Back to top and repeat ad infinitum

And, of course, the whole thing must be attached to a fly wheel (or its electrical equivalent).
I offer no details here, just the fundamental premiss. The suggestion is more philosophical than scientific. Next time I have 3 or 4 billion dollars lying around I'll check it out more thoroughly.

[This won't work because of below Newton]

Here is another "reworked" option [01-14-00] :

Drive the protons back & forth between two banks of positive electrical charges gradually forcing them together. This won't run afoul of Newton yet will amount to the same thing as the first mentioned idea.

Addendum 1/1/2000
The first idea won't work because of the following.
For details see "Newton" in the ntx folder.
From : Newton's Principia

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