Why can't I find a
Decent Pair of Sandals ?

re there no sandal designers left in America? Where have the hippies all gone? I shall have to make my own. Therefore, what are the salient characteristics of a "good" pair?

A good pair musr have :

  • A flat bottom (no grooves or holes to catch gum and 'dog stuff' in)
    But it must be flexible -- we don't want to have to walk like Frankenstein.
  • The upper surface must be soft and flat and water worthy.
    There is some soft rubber stuff that absorbs energy then returns to its normal shape (already used on some shoes ... sorbathane?). I'll have some on mine too, dammit !
    Glue this to the bottom piece for a two part construction about 1/2 inch thick. Too thin is BAD for shoe.
  • And the top layer must not have ANYTHING on it. No ridges, no "manufacturer's lables", no special 'toe place' contour, etc. to irritate after 2-3 hours of walking.
  • So we have this :
    This is the hard part ; )
  • Now, I want MINIMAL bindings. Does anyone understand this??? If I wanted to cover my foot I would have worn regular shoes. I want to go on wet rides at the amusement park, get it?
  • And it must have a marginal heel so that I can drive a car without discomfort.
  • So I need this :
    ... just more "stylish"
  • Why do designers insist on putting things on my foot that irritate? Do they think that people wear these things with socks !?!

While I'm at it ... Where are these, Nike?

They just don't get it.
There are only two problems with athletic shoes left to be dealt with.

  • Heat - We need to "pump it out" ... not "pump it up".
    Like this ...
  • Ankle Turning - We need rounded 'soles'. Like ...

    Now, when you make your "cut", your ankle retains the same relationship with the bottom of your foot (it's not twisted).

As I have said elsewhere,
I waited 10 years for them to put Velcro on shoes for kids.
I suppose I'll have to wait 20 years for a heat pump, eh?

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