Large Scale Projects


hich should be undertaken but presently are not ...

  1. SSC ... the exception
  2. Dirigibles
  3. Monorails
  4. Rotation Project
  5. Manned Space Flight
  6. Maximum Manueverability

Where are the Dirigibles?

For years huge new d's were talked about as being just around the corner but none have materialized. Airships with large carrying capacity are essential to an advanced civilization.
They can be used for:

  • Emergency Lighting
    Imagine an earthquake - no power, no light. Would it not be advantageous to anchor a "light platform" over an affected area for rescue work, etc.? Or for emergency construction projects ... ?
  • Portable Hospitals
    Why not lift an entire hospital to a place where there is none? The jungle ... Where a hurricane has just been through ... (Not a brick hospital, just necessary emergency rooms and equipment ... spot it, drop it and go for another)
  • Mass Midrange Transport
    This is what is needed in China. Two thousand people get on a "platform" ... the "balloon" comes along ... gets attached ... and away we go at 200 mph. That's better than they now have by a long shot. Cheap too.
  • Emergeny Food Drop
    Drop a load ... go for more. Easy to load / unload.
To be really effective, the dreaded hydrogen must be used. Helium is too expensive and has much less lifting power.

Put each hydrogen bag inside a helium bag (thin) such that when the hydrogen bag is ruptured the helium bag is necessarily ruptured also preventing the Hindenbomb effect (at least for small ruptures). For large ruptures use the head between the legs tactic (& kiss it goodbye).

The bag must be easily detachable from the main payload to be economical. The bag itself must be kept "flying" as much as possible. Drop one load and pick up the next immediately. This means that the payload compartment contains the fuel, cargo & people already loaded and waiting to be picked up by the "bag" in the next "bay".

Landing is accomplished by mooring to groundmast into the wind. Then rearmoored to 'railcar' on circular track around mast. Mast (which is on a different straight track) then pulls the "bag-payload" to the desired hangar bay. Rearmooring follows on straight track from straight/circular connection.

track layout

Rotation Project

There are only a few different fundamental ways to store energy.
These are:
  • Gravitational
    As in hydroelectric power ...
  • Electromagnetic
    As in a car battery ...
  • Nuclear
    As in a nuke power plant ...
  • Mechanical
    As in a child's wind up toy (spring - related to electromagnetic)
  • Inertial
    As in a rotating wheel e.g. potters wheel, kids push toy, etc.
That's it. Ain't no more.

So where is the Rotation Project?

With new strong materials, engineers conceive of building elevators to go into outer space (anchored a 10,000 mile stationary orbits). So we can test some mighty strong wheels.

This is not a minor issue. Vast amounts of readily available energy could be stored by this method. It deserves as much attention as NASA. It gets none ...................

Manned Space Travel

Sending robots to faraway planets to gather information is fine if that's all you want. But it is not interesting. Our object in life cannot simply be to preserve our bodies as long as possible. What for? Rather we wish to do something. Our lives are expendable, we expend them every day. We are all expended sooner or later. Are we supposed to sit on our hands and watch the world go by on a cathode ray tube?

Let men go to Mars, not just little robots. Yes, it costs a lot. It makes life interesting and enjoyable. Or, should all monies be dumped down the botttomless pit of "helping the poor". For the record, let me state this once and clearly for all.

"The poor are the scum of the earth."
They've always been scum. They're scum now. They'll always be scum in the future. They're not scum because they're poor ... they're poor because they're scum.

What !? Don't believe it???
The poor whine. What man whines and still expects to be taken for a man. After uncounted billions of animals have lived, struggled and died to evolve this "acme of creation" he stands, stooped, and declares to the earth that HE is POOR !?!

What creature on God's green earth has the audacity to call himself poor?! Any MAN, stripped naked and dumped into the middle of any city is all but infinitely rich. To possess the power to reason is all that any creature could ask for.

Once, I was hitchiking in California and had no money, job, blah, blah, blah. I found a grapefruit along the side of the road, cut it open and started to eat my dinner. But it was rotten thereby evoking this thought, "I sure am glad I'm not poor else I'd really be in trouble.".

Do you get the picture?

There are no poor men. The terms man and poor are mutually exclusive. If you are a man you are not poor. If you are poor, you are not a man. Only women and children can call themselves poor and get away with it.

On with the space program. Let's blast on outta' here!

Superconducting Super Collider

This thing was a monster. Killed by politicians anxious to ax any science project whatsoever. It should have been axed. But was done in for the wrong reason.

When a civilization is decaying as is ours, it makes BIG stuff instead of NEW stuff as a general rule. This phenomenon goes by the term "giantism". Build bigger and bigger monuments / engineering projects / etc. (more, more instead of better, better).

Some have stated that it was not an example of giantism because you need an instrument of extreme size in order to probe "deeply". True, true, all too true.
And the Baths of Caracalla were needed because you need a big tub to clean so many people. It's always different.

The SSC was a giant cudgel with which to beat matter into "submission", i.e beat the crap out of Mother Nature and she will reveal all her deepest secrets ... to the tune of billions of dollars ... (note: we got to where we presently are on the brains of men who needed almost no money).

Stated clearly, "No matter how big of a machine is used, all that will be generated is ... more data."

Sherlock Holmes needed maybe 2-4 clues to solve his mysteries. Modern scientists can't solve their puzzle with 10's of thousands of clues. The fact which must be faced is that they can't handle the data that they already possesss. Why pay billions for more of the same?

What is needed is bigger men ... not bigger machines.
Politicians aren't perfect. They did the right thing ... by mistake ; )

Cheap Monorails

Every futuristic melodrama (or diorama for that matter) seems to have some sort of monorail system. The simplest such system is the following.

my monorail version

Put a hole in the ground with an auger, stick a beam in it and fill with concrete. When the system needs to be moved pull out the supports with a hydraulic "carrot puller" and put them elsewhere. Bolt the beams to the supports - all reusable. Uses "super computer" to operate, i.e. a bus driver. Diesel engine ... ~60 mph. Fares paid before boarding ala subway.

Where are they?

Maximum Manueverablity

There are many land vehicles pushing the limits of manueverability (the army has a vested interest here) but almost nothing new is in the air. Are we waiting for flying saucers? They may be a ways off ; )

When I say manueverability in air I mean something that will stand up to this test:

Pick up somebody on the top of Mount Everest at night in a gale force wind of unpredictable direction. The ability to hover in turbulence is critical. The only things I have seen that can do this are ... a humming bird and a cloud of gnats.

Nothing is on the horizon. Why? (Area 51 stuff?)

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