Scooter Trails

here are they??

This Christmas (2000), every mother's son got a scooter. Everything comes back into fashion, I guess. Now, hi-tech ... light weight ... trendy skateboard wheels ... and they fold up. Oooooooooohhh ! I got 'em for my grandkids (three wheeler for the little one).

But ...

Where does a kid go to ride the damn thing?

I mean someplace reasonably safe. Parking lot? Hmmm ... not too good. Sidewalk? Run over some pedestrians?

What's needed is an actual place in the park made for these things. In fact, every major new trend should be reflected in the design of public parks. But these people are so far behind the times ...

In the typical park today they have a gym set (plastic) ... little slides & swings. All this is fine, but ... where do kids go to ride their skateboards and now ... scooters?

Well, of course I'm going to offer my solution. Perhaps it can't be implemented in today's litigious culture. You know ... skin your shin and sue the city for negligence? Maybe fear of lawyers should be a formal phobia like acrophobia?

Well, this is what I want to take my grandsons to ...

It's just an asphalt path about 18 inches wide with curves and slight rises ... nothing drastic ... just a fun roller coaster type trail. The path is narrow so that when they fall, they are likely to hit grass rather than pavement. Why is this not available?

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