Shovelling Snow

e're getting close to winter again and though I no longer live in a cold climate, I'm passing this along to all you over 50's out there who are worried about cardiac arrest. This is the answer to the question ...

What's the easiest way to manually remove sidewalk snow?

Well, first, forget the shovel. I know there are bent handle versions available and the like. These will kill you too. All you really need is your feet ... and ... a nice pair of boots would be helpful as well ... although I have not seen anything like what I want for sale anywhere.

You just walk along and push the snow off to the side with your foot. Actually, it's kinda like dancing when done rythmically ... you gotta' do a little "dip" with each step to keep your foot close to the ground ... a Texas "two-step". Sounds stupidly simple, eh? It is, stupid. It took me (great genius;o) about 25 years to realize this. It's perhaps 70% less work than shovelling.

Here's the correct style.

Snow removal with feet - 9kb Now isn't that easy? What could be simpler? I've done this myself many times when I lived in New York. Here in Texas, we had a really big blizzard around last Christmas. My grandkids and I had a lot of fun making little snowmen about 5 inches tall on top of the car ;o) [A downfall of over 3/4 inch !! YeeHahhhh...!!]

But if you have 6 inches of snow on your sidewalk, this will get the job done. The path will only be about two feet wide if you just make one pass. It is effective with deeper snow too ... but ... you really need a specialized boot with a "flange" built over the instep ... a


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