A Proper Steering Wheel

ow many centuries does it take to design an automobile steering wheel? This is all I want them to do. Is it tooooooooooooooooooooooooo ... much to ask?

In keeping with ergonomics

And with due regard for my aching right wrist ... I propose that all human beings acknowledge the plain and obvious fact that we are equipped to operate a "joystick" and not a computer mouse. This means that wherever possible we should operate mechanical things with our hands in the joystick position when the controls are in front of us ... waist high ... and centered ... as practically all controls are.

Since the basic steering wheel cannot be changed for safety and practical reasons ... I want a place to rest my hand in the natural positiion while

... crusin' on down the line ...

Here's my wheel design

Notice how I've given myself power steering for twirling the wheel around with two fingers. You need a two finger hole for that ... doesn't anybody understand this? ... are they only thinking in terms of "style"?

At the bottom is where you rest your hand on a long ride. Your right or left hand will set real nice and easy on the side of the triangular rest without haveng to twist it into an unnatural position for an extended period.

And there are other options of course.
And you can still see the instruments ... OK?

After about 100 years of auto making you'd think they wouldn't need my help. Cripe, this baby stuff is agravating.

Attn: Engineers

Form follows (mechanical) function.
Function accomodates (human) form.
Your job is unfinished ...
Until you bend it to fit human form as much as possible.

Memorize this word:


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