Tents for Road Rats

aving spent many weeks on the road (w/ extended thumb), here is my design for a quick setup tent for people in similar predicaments.

What you really need:
  • Light weight
  • Easy & Quick to set up
  • Water proof & durable bottom
  • Easy to get in and out of
  • Quick & easy take down (fast getaways)
tent design

The idea here is to roll up the thing and put a strap on it and walk around like

Qui Chang Cain
All your extra clothes goes onto the floor of the tent so that they can do double duty as "bedding" on harsh surfaces (just about anywhere a road rat might lay his head).

When you need to use it you just toss it out and it unrolls. You peg the small end ... erect the three piece support sticks ... peg the string at the head end ... then run to the side & jump through the elastic entrance.

Bada Boom, Bada Bing ... You're sawin' logs.


The bottom piece (brown) is made out of "Naugahyde" or its equivalent. This is a heavy duty vinyl covering with a smooth side and rough side. The smooth side goes down so that squashed worms and mud (which you will find stuck to the botom often) can be cleaned off easily. The rough edge on the inside keeps you from slipping if you happen to park yourself on an incline.

It's nice to have a tent mat but it's too bulky to carry around while on the road. So ... hmmmm ... you need some extra clothes anyway so why not use them for bedding as well? You roll them up on the inside of the tent and they will stay in place where you leave them the previous night.

Here's a crossection of the elastic opening in case you don't understand what I mean. The yellow elastic rubber bands open & you crawl in ... it closes automatically of course. And ... rain doesn't come in (or wind ... or insects).

This is low to the ground to hide in tall grass and should be earth colors for camouflage purposes. The tent material itself must be "Gortex" to let in air and keep out rain. (Maybe a 'fly' would be necessary for extended soirees.)

I wish that I had one of these many years ago.

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