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've had many of these multi-tools over the years. They all have one thing in common ... they don't meet my needs. They seem to be just what I don't need when I need a tool ... quick. Here is a Gerber multi-tool that costs about 50 bucks. It's a noble effort but I can't use it because it just doesn't cut it in any department. The screwdriver is useless and you can't do nuts & bolts worth a crap.

toolgerb.jpg - 17kb

What I need is some features of the above with features of the channel locks and ratchet screwdriver below.

toolchan.jpg - 14kb

toolscrw.jpg - 10kb

Here is my creation

No, I didn't make it for real :o(
I just stitched the pieces together on my computer. It would cost way too much to manufacture one prototype. But you get the picture, eh?

tool1.jpg - 40kb

Beautiful isn't it? You can do a lot of shit with this. It's very robust for a little thing.

You can drive a nail because I would have a thickened area on the side not shown maybe 3/4 of an inch wide ... not perfect but good enough to punch out the odd nail here and there.

You can saw with it by opening the channel locks up and extending the saw blade. You put your left thumb on one of the jaws and hold the handle with the right hand and you have a two-handed saw albeit a shorty. Very strong. Try it on your own channel locks and imagine the force you could apply.

You can drill holes by putting a bit in the screwdriver holder ... then ... open the channel locks a bit and press down hard with the palm of your left hand on the hammer area and with your right hand use the free handle as a lever. Cripe, you could bore a half inch hole in wood, easy. Drill bits should be easy to get out of the handle (pressed into a rubber holder there).

I would also like to have the screwdriver part detachable so that you could hold a nut while screwing in or out the bolt ... an important function as all you mechs know.

The jaws have to be reworked so that they do what vice grips do. They won't clamp but they should cut wire and strip it.

The screw bit holder is a quarter inch drive so you have a ratchet wrench. The ratchet mechanism must be robust enough to take that kind of abuse.

Because I want this to be as small as possible, I've made the channel locks work like a slip-joint pliers so that an extra 1/2 inch can be added to a 1 1/2" span. This is important if you have a plumbing issue to deal with. And ... I would like it to come apart into two pieces at the slip joint. It's do-able. That way, you can use the hammer or screwdriver separately.

The whole thing should come in a box with all sorts of tool pieces you can put in your "day kit", i.e. what you take with you on your belt. I think I've designed the multi-tool with the mostest tool for the leastest weight possible. Who wants to make it ???

Any Chinese entrepeneurs out there ?

Addendum 09/19/36 :

toolchan.gif - 22kbI've decided against standard channel locks and gone with the channel lock form without the channels. Rather, let's have holes instead of channels since I want the two pieces to come apart. There will be a button release so that you can snap both pieces together in the span you want.

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