Fixing the Channel Tuner

am personally disgusted with the complexity of electronic appliance control interfaces as well as that mass of "spaghetti" in the back of my TV/Stereo/TapeRecorder/Etc.

Let's fix it ............

(at least in principle)

What do we need to do?
First, let's take the spaghetti. The basic thing we need is something to plug things into ... a "universal adapter" for every appliance.

This consists of a board full of plug holes (like a power strip) but with all the general types of plugs such as, speaker wires, telephone, cable connectors, etc. If you have very many appliances ... you buy a bigger board.

Each hole is numbered ... not TV1, TV2, etc. ... just 1,2,3,4,5 ...
What you do is ... buy your appliance ... then ... stick all the wires into the holes they fit in (any one which fits) ... then specify which hole you plugged it into and what it was ... in the "hand-held controller" (to be discussed).

(The board itself plugs into a wall outlet for power of course.)

Now for that Tuner!

My tuner has but one button ... On/Off toggle. Push it in ... the unit is on ... push it again and the unit is off (the handheld - not the board!).

All the controls for TV, radio, audio, etc. are on the display screen of the handheld ... an LCD touch sensitive pad.

When you turn on the unit, you get the main menu ... like this.

Of course, there are some other buttons ... but you get the gist of it.

Also, on the main menu should be another category ... User ... i.e. set up your own preferences for TV stations which cycle through when you push the "next channel" button. Your wife, sister, brother, mother, daughter, etc. can each set their own preferences and the default preference is the one last used (obviously).

Lastly, the all important VCR control looks like this.

The main thing that needs to be changed is the stop time. Why do I have to specify a time when I know how long I want to record. You could simply put in 1 hour then tab to the minutes and arrow up to 30 minutes in 7.5 minute increments to get 1 1/2 hours of recording.

Having to select the stop time is absolute BS.

[w=weekly ; d=daily ; 1=once]
[f=fast ; m=medium ; s-slow]
[a=am ; p=pm]

One big advantage here is that the system is openended (at least till you fill up the plugs). Mix & match is a viable option. Use your best speakers ... or any combo ... by "plugging" them into the controller configuration for that device.

Multiple antennas come to mind.
If you have outside antenna reception, you might have five strands of wire going in different directions (ant1,2,3,4,5). You then have over two dozen possible combinations to try for better reception without even touching the "rabbit ears" ;o)

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