Modern TV Problems
Different Kind of Pliers
Shuttle Insulation Problem
Energy Storage in Rotation
My LCD Boom (Mounted)
Ocean Waves and Tsunami
LCD TV scaling, de-interlace, etc.
LCD TV Mount Progress
52" LCD TV only 12" wide
Keeping your Roof on in a Hurricane
New Multi-Tool
The Monorail in Mass Transit
Cruise Control
The Wave Washer
Why Concrete Needs Rocks in it
Never Trust Glue
The iPod
The Hayman Fire

Paper Airplane
Improved Roller Skates
Knotty Problems
Digital Cameras with Audio
The Gak Fastener
The Bag
Hole in the Water
Shovelling Snow
Eddie Bauer Opto E-Light
School Building Construction
Proper Steering Wheel
The EBTX Intimidator

Original Engine Design
Surface Absorption by Impenetrable Solids
Headrests on Buses and Airplanes
House Flies and Worm Borers
Disposable Raincoats
Extendible Bumpers
My Only "Realized" Invention
Proper Intersections and Driveways
Ebtx Doorstop
A Problem with DuraLube

Items I expected to see but don't
My Library Design
The Baby Muffler
Fixing the Channel Tuner
Volts, Amps, Watts?
Nuclear Fusion
Toilet Paper
Airfoil - how it works
Flexible PVC Connector
Proper Buildings
Proper Sandals
Large Scale Projects

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