Arteriosclerosis Research
What's going on here?

few months ago I encountered a surprising fact that caused me to wonder about the state of medical research in the western world. There must be something more to this. If anyone has info, send it by me.

The issue ...

I recall seeing, many times on TV in documentaries and news programs, illustrations of coronary arteries being blocked by an accumulation of fatty deposits. These "cartoons" depicted the gradual deposit of such stuff which then clogged the artery so much that it resulted in coronary thrombosis (a heart attack).

The news now is that the fatty deposits are not on the wall of the artery ... they are within the artery wall ... and burst out suddenly causing the aforementioned trouble.

arterio.gif - 17kb

This is not a trivial difference.

If this has just been noticed after uncountable billions of dollars spent on heart research, we have a damming indictment of medical science. How can an error of this magnitude have gone unnoticed? Is this a case analogous to the Michelson-Morley experiment wherein established figures goofed up and no one was able to point out the invisibility of the emperor's new clothes?

It is impossible for such an error to have gone unchecked. Countless bodies are dissected each year by graduate students. A million arteries are cross-sectioned. Microscopes are employed ranging from 10x to electron microscopy. No one could detect an arterial wall in the picture? ... for decades? ... more than a century? This is truly incredible.

I hope there is more to this story than meets the eye ... else I shall have to downgrade the established medical scientific community to the level of the physics establishment. Now ... that's a come down!

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