Fat People
and the people who kill them

ver see an 800 pound gal on TV whining about the hopelessness of her condition? This is the type of person I'm here writing about ... not the "jolly, overweight person who still can walk". I mean TERMINAL as in "eating oneself to death".

There is some science to this phenomenon.

You can't eat yourself to death without at least one "helper". Someone has to be kind enough to bring you, say, 20 Whoppers a day. Obviously, once you weigh in at around 500 pounds you begin to have trouble just getting to the kitchen ... let alone going out to Kroger's to pack a "three wagon 20 mule team Boraxo shopping cart train". And would you decline an offer to help you get it to your car? "Of course not!" ... says your heaving chest muscles.

I once watched a ~450 pound woman walk up the incline from under a railroad overpass. I felt sorry for the pavement under her shoes (and for the shoes too!). Can you imagine having to haul a 300 pound man on your back up a 20 degree sidewalk to a height of ~18 feet? I'm almost ready to dial 911 just thinking about it.

At 600 pounds all you're gonna' do is lay in bed and "weight" to be served. If no one comes with your daily Whopper supply ... you start to lose weight. So every woman in this condition has a boyfriend/husband who "loves" her. He's always skinny as a rail (from holding down two jobs to get more food money) with one tooth missing ... and the "fatso" has a daughter (beautiful) whom the boyfriend/stepfather is trying to get into the pants of. That's why he's feeding his wife/girlfriend to death. He always vehemently denies this.

Of course, if you're independently wealthy, you can have your servants weight on you hand & foot. They will gladly assist such a suicide if you but "cut them into your will".

Bottom Line

What gives off more heat per unit volume ... a human being or the sun?
Ans: A human being.

That's right, we give off more heat than the sun because the sun is so big relative to its surface area. Thus, if you increase the height of a body its volume increases with the cube while the surface area increases with the square of that height measure, e.g. 2x the height makes 8x the volume and 4x the surface area.

This is important in the accumulation of fat.

While it is true that fat insulates the body and thus they require less food per unit volume, their surface area has still increased markedly and they need "a God awful lot of food" to maintain that awesome bulk. You know what Sumo wrestlers eat ... like 24 eggs for breakfast! ... just breakfast.

Someone has to bring this food to them. They can't get it themselves. They can't hardly move. And they can, in no way, hold down a job (the limit for a job is just ~ 400 pounds ... unless they can get a farm related job as a fertilizer production unit).

All weight induced deaths are Murder-Suicides

It's time people recognized them as such.

Some people don't agree with this view ...

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