Disease Control
via maser resonance

t is truly unfortunate that tens of millions of people die annually for no good reason (well ... they're going to die anyway ... said the hunter about the elk, bear, deer, etc.). Yes, everyone will die sooner or later ... true ... but ... let's make it later ... okay?

And this is the reason for the "trouble":

Let me state a fundamental conjecture of mine (again). It goes across the board, through any discipline I have encountered.

The "experts", in any field of endeavor, do not consciously know the fundamental principles of their craft.
This applies to mathematics, physics, medicine, engineering, whatever.
I mean virtually, everything.

Can a maser be used against common maladies which require a destructive technique? - from 3/11/96

If you wanted to destroy old buildings in a neighborhood you would not do so with an atomic bomb. You would send demolition crews into that area and take down the buildings individually.
A medical analog is radiation therapy. Here many healthy cells are destroyed along with defective ones leading to unwanted side effects. If the surgeon could take out each diseased cell individually the cure would be perfect. Of course this is impossible. Isn't it?

There was a recent earthquake in the news and they made a point that certain buildings withstood the shaking better than others because of their height. Some heights "resonated" at the frequency of the shaking ground which greatly amplified the effect of the earthquake.
In fact, all things whatsoever have characteristic resonant frequencies. And it follows that differences in physical objects cause different resonant frequencies.

Our object then is to use a maser on diseased tissue or disease organisms, in situ, at the characteristic resonant frequency of those tissues and organisms thereby destroying them selectively, i.e. leaving healthy tissue undamaged.

I find it personally difficult to believe that so simple and common a process could be utterly useless with respect to health maintenance. The phenomenon of resonance is everywhere displayed by nature yet the only medical use for it is MRI imaging?

What to do:

Needed are multiple samples of a patient's healthy cells together with the unhealthy object of study (cells, bacteria, virus, etc.)

  • Run a small spectrum of maser wavelengths on each sample.
  • Check the results for the destruction of study objects in preference over healthy cells.
  • Cut the spectrum sample in half and see if either half of that spectrum is more efficient in destroying the study objects whilst leaving the healthy cells relatively undamaged.
  • Cut that spectrum in half again and again ... and so on .... untill the exact wavelength is found.


  • Decide on the integral multiple of that wavelength which would be appropriate for the given case.
  • Figure out the energy output per unit time that the patient's body can dissipate (excess heat per unit time).
  • Apply the "solution wavelength" to the patient for trial ... if you have some confidence.
  • Get the patient to release you from liability if adverse effects occur. Experimental only.
  • Alternatively, and for the less bold, one might employ the ubiquitous el ratas for experiment.
  • If found to be useful the following will hold true:
    • Select Frequency for depth of penetration
    • Amplitude and Duration of Exposure for heat dissipation and detritus removal by lymphatic system
    • A subdermal Partial Focus might also be useful in some cases
    This is off the shelf technology (or nearly).
    Get one variable maser (with extremely sensitive tuning).
    Experiment. The devil here would be in the details.

    I received this link from a reader on 2/02/02 which I thought to be relevant. It concerns one Royal Raymond Rife, the perported inventor of a device which used resonant frequencies to cure diseases as far back as the 1940's. Check it out.


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