To Sloan-Kettering

sent this email to a director at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute to see if I could find out anything about research into killing disease organisms in the body with a maser. I am sure that this has been thought of before (as are most simple ideas) but I would like to know the disposition of whatever research was or is being done. If I receive a reply, I will put it up but without the sender's name (ethics).

Dear __________ ,

I am writing to inquire about the disposition of research on mechanical intervention into disease processes using a "maser".

Since you are familiar with MRI imaging, I thought you might have some fundamental understanding of resonance (vis a vis "physics") and perhaps an interest in what I'm inquiring about.

Which is simply ...

Some cancer research was done a decade or so ago with microwaves and it didn't pan out. Do you know if they might have used maser technology in an attempt to locate a "resonant frequency" within a diseased cell? Fundamentally, everything made of matter has characteristic resonant frequencies at which it absorbs energy most efficiently (such as water which is heated in a microwave oven and in turn heats the surrounding meat or whatever). By using a maser, that frequency could be strictly controlled and fine tuned to some specific cell structure or molecular bond as in a simple virus.

Theoretically, then, an AIDS victim could go through a device like a baggage scanner at the airport and come out the other end ... "cured". Voila!

Well, not that simple.

I think that finding the correct frequency which would disrupt the virus completely ... and ... disrupt normal biological structures only moderately ... would be like "hunting the needle in the haystack". But what a fine needle it would be.

E. _______

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