Disease Control Application
for industrial solvents

To use industrial solvents over extended periods of time
in the treatment of arteriosclerosis. . .

Obviously, there are any number of solvents currently used in industry which will almost instantly clean out clogged arteries. I am sure Roto-Rooter has an extensive list. Unfortunately, the use of these in the human body would lead to immediate death ... unless they were used very, very, very slowly ... over a period of several years.

Since the plaque buildup occurs over periods of years there is a very large treatment window.

The body will tolerate anything at all in sufficiently small doses. Therefore, one need only find a substance which dissolves the deposits with greater efficiency than it damages normal tissue. The differential determines the length of treatment, i.e. repair of tissue is faster than deposition of plaque.
Eventually something will be added to the water supply to take care of this (over the vehement objections of Luddites no doubt).

An example is carbamide peroxide. Though not a heavy industry chemical, it fills the bill as a substance which dissolves 'earwax' yet leaves the rest of the ear relatively intact. How long would it take to dissolve 'heartwax' when extremely dilluted (four years instead of four minutes?).

I'll take it ...

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