Organ donor Solution

here is a simple solution to the organ donor problem (not enough donors too many recipients). The answer lies in the legal relationship of your corpse to the state.

Let's suppose that you have no political rights after you die. That's reasonable enough. What do you care anyway ? ... you're dead. The rights of the dead are made for living survivors of say, authors, inventors, etc. to ensure that money rights (and possibly a few other rights) are not stripped from your next of kin.

What is needed is to declare that your body becomes the property of state ... post mortem ... unless ... you have specified otherwise prior to death.

Now if you say nothing prior to death, the government may not do as it pleases with your body ... completely. There is a list of body parts which it may take if they are needed for transplant elsewhere, e.g. heart, lungs, kidney, liver, cornea and a very few others.

That is,
Only those parts which do not deface the remains so as to interfere with standard burial practices or are repugnant to the general social sensibilities.

This rules out taking the brain, hands, head, etc. ... just take what doesn't show and has been found to be reasonably acceptable.

Now, if you don't like this deal, you just sign off on it. (Just say "NO") Then, when you die, if they need your liver, the doctors check the government database for these things and see if your corpse is eligible. In other words, if you don't want them to 'git yer bod' you have to take some minimal action to prevent it (sign a nonconsent form).

This simple requirement will make all the difference in the world. Most people would accept the use of their body parts provided they don't have to think about it. As it is now doctors must confront grieving relatives to acquire parts (the worst possible moment).

What will happen is that there will be such a glut of available parts that generally you would not expect yours to be used anyway.

If there is a need for 20,000 kidneys this year and 10,000,000 people die ... there will be about 20,000,000 available kidneys. So the chance of yours being actually needed is 1 in 1,000.

Then, subtract say, 1,000,000 people who sign the nonconsent form and the odds are still only 1 in 900.


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