The Mammary Scam

here are a number of scams being run by the nations hospitals which, if deactivated, would increase markedly the efficiency of medical practice.

The first to be examined is the ever popular "mammary scam" (my term) which has been running for decades feeding off women's irrational fears of being mastectomized ... an adult 'boogie man'.

First off let us be frank. The life expectancy of adult women in America is about 80 years. It's gone up while that of the male has gone down.

( was 70m-72f ... is now 69m-80f ... cause = emasculation by female/female advocates leading to increased drinking & smoking leading in turn to increased heart attacks)
So any general fear on the part of women is statistically unfounded. We all have to die and much to the amazement of many would be the knowledge that if all forms of cancer were right now cured, the life expectancy of women probably would not increase more than a single year ( ! ) Death from other causes like heart attack would simply increase. Nature dictates that you're goin' down when you get too wrinkled.

This is how the mammary scam works

  • First is hype & advertising using scare tactics to instill unwarranted fear into all women. (Unwarranted because, unless you've actually got it you have little to fear since the aforementioned life expectancy is ~80)
  • Second - get 'em to have the "professional" checkup. This costs money.
  • Third - The Hook ... tell the "mark" that she has something on her mammogram that looks suspicious. "We're sure it's nothing ... but ... we better check it out ... to be sure".
  • Fourth - "Da bitch be scared". She's sweats bullets waiting for the results of the new more detailed (read more costly) tests to arrive. Then ...
  • Fifth - The Good News - "Just as we thought ... it was nothing!"
This is one sweet scam. The very best is one in which the mark thanks you profusely for taking her money. Wow, is she relieved ... she doesn't have the dreaded disease of the decade.
"Nobody gonna' cut my tits off !!!"

All hospitals run this scam because it's a fool proof, no risk revenue generator. And every women has some sort of a smudge on her mammogram. If even a small percentage of such smudges were lethal ... all women would die before their husbands.

The real tragedy of the mammary scam ...

You won't hear this anywhere else (I think).
I believe that the mammogram itself is one of the leading causes of breast cancer in women.
In this way:

There is a statistical correlation with getting a mammogram beyond a certain age and being cured of the disease ... therefore (they say) after ~45? you should get a mammogram every year. However, this also supports my conjecture that the test itself is a "causal agent" of the disease, vis. if the test caused the disease you would have a better than average chance of being cured since it will be identified in the early stages - because you're getting mammograms regularly ... of course.

Mechanically, the cause is related to the crushing pressure brought to bear on the women's chest during the test which acts as a "mortar & pestle". The emitter acts as the mortar and the rib cage is the pestle upon which any "benign" tumor is crushed (disassociated).

One of the unnamed tenets of medicine (being now challenged) is that individual cells don't have histories dependent on neighboring cells. However, let us suppose that each cell knows its neighbor and connects its timing (rythms) to the others. After all, when a fetus is developing, cells seem to know where to go and how many times to divide and when ... as well as what ... don't they?

Now, what is benign?
If a tumor doubles in size once every 10 years is this a threat in a normal lifespan? No? Then it's benign. But if it doubles every 10 days ... you're dead meat.

So what if that little no account tumor that the clinician has just turned to hamburger decides that it needs to do some more dividing to make up for lost partners which are now cruising around the body by means of the blood stream and lymphatic system?

You see what I mean? Whenever a doctor prescribes something which seems "awful" ... it quite possibly is. This is the reason I won't ever again get a glaucoma test. They pressed so hard on my eye, I thought it would pop right there (this was many years ago ... perhaps they have different ways to do it now).

Another scam is "Eternal Billing"

In this scam the hospital keeps sending you bills, seemingly in perpetuity, as they "discover" more charges (they forgot?). Since most people have a great deal of respect for the medical community, any successful hospital (a business) should milk that cash cow. Easy to do. Just send more bills and SEE IF THE SUCKER PAYS. If he does send more. Nickel & dime him into the poor house.

This often works in concert with "false billing". Here the hospital sends you bills ... then dunning notices ... when you refuse to pay for what you didn't get done. And if the language is adequately disguised (not hard to do with medical terminology) some people will pay even without question.

And the ever popular "Death Billing"

This is the horror show. You go to the hospital ... you're terminal. Hospital - "What to do?"
Ans: "Drain his bank account."

This used to go by the name "bloodletting" during the enlightenment.
Bleed him! Bleed him!

There is no difference here at all. It is EXACTLY the same.

No one is watching the store

So the lawyer, politician, insurance people have moved in here too. They have jacked up costs and driven the best physicians out in favor of quacks. There are a few good docs left but now in short supply. This is why I proposed elsewhere to make Medical Vacations wherein you go to another country to get elective surgery done as a vacation package and recooperate on a beach with bikini clad nurses taking care of all your needs for $100 dollars a day ;o)

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