S.A.R.S. & A.I.D.S.
where's the pandemic? and a new ad for A ids

he SARS epidemic does not appear to be what I had feared most ... a new pandemic which would kill about 4% of the Earth's population (roughly three times its annual population growth) ... including quite probably at least one person close to me (statistically likely). For one reason or another, the SARS virus won't start the chain reaction that one expects with a highly communicable disease. Apparently, it's not as communicable as everyone feared. Why?

I have no idea. Surely it is not due to the ministrations of the medical profession because this cat was out of the bag five months ago ... in crowded areas ... with lots of sneezing and expectorating people (Chinese). Why doesn't it pass more easily like a cold or flu if it is related to these viruses?

Typically, such viruses are transmitted on droplets of water sneezed or coughed out by a victim and breathed in by a 'contact' who then contracts the malady as shown on my page ... Cold an Flu Vectors.

This has been ongoing for months yet only a few thousand are infected instead of the whole planet. I'm going to guess that this disease is transmitted mainly by sneezing and goes to the lungs very quickly where the sneezing stops and coughing begins. Sneezing makes the most droplets and this disease requires lots of droplets to have a reasonable chance of transmission. Therefore, those who sneeze for a long time without getting it to their lungs (incapacitating them) are the "super spreaders". If it goes to your lungs fast, you're down on your back too fast to be a super spreader.

This thing should wane in the summer months in the northern hemisphere as the droplets tend to dry up soon after they are expelled and more solar radiation (ultra-violet) helps to kill them. Maybe it will surface in Australia and Tierra del Fuego (their winter).

We hear very little about the survivors. Apparently, by what I heard on the radio today, the disease runs its course in flu like times and leaves the victim quite weak but able to get back on his feet shortly thereafter.

What to do if it comes to your town ...

1) Stay home. Or, go somewhere away from everybody else for a few months. Don't go where there are people.
2)Wear a surgical mask. This won't keep out the virus but it keeps out the droplets that the virus is riding on. Boil the surgical masks you wear if you suspect that you've been exposed.
3) Wash your hands with lots of soap. You can't kill viruses with germicidal stuff (as has been shown in hospital tests) but washing tends to get them off your hands and down the drain.
4) If it were to go pandemic, isolate your family ... then, go somewhere where you can contract the disease (like as a hospital volunteer). You will learn how to deal with the disease. When you get it you will be immune afterwards (assuming you survive). Why do this? Well, if it were rampant, your family is sure to get it. In such a case everybody else will get it and there will be no one to care for you and yours if all are sick at the same time. The morbidity rate will skyrocket because of this ... maybe 15-25% instead of 4%. You, being now immune, will have the experience and health to take care of your family thus letting them take the 4% risk. Get it? Hair of the dog that bit you kinda' thing. Play the odds.

The new AIDS ad

A few days ago I saw a new ad for bringing to our attention the zillions of orphans caused by the AIDS epidemic. Our narator is Michael Douglas (that paragon of sexual restraint like his philosophical twin Wilt Chamberlain ;o). This is what makes the ad a comedy.

Here we are shown very many supposed orphans playing amidst the rubble of an industrial wasteland or in alleys or around ramshackle buildings, etc. All alone in the world are they ... lost, forgotten and dying of malnutrition. This ad doesn't ask for cash but rather wishes to raise our awareness in preparation for the hand out presumably to come in some forthcoming ad.

The laugher is that all ... ALL ... of the kids displayed are 'white' kids. No blacks. Nada.

Now, excuse me Hortense. I do believe that the problem lies deep in the heart of Africa ... doesn't it? Is it white South Africa? No. This is a problem of native Africans. It is a black problem. The ad is ... literally ... an attempt to 'whitewash' the horror. The cause of this deluge of black orphans is rampant promiscuity. In Africa, they fuck like dolphins. These people are rated triple "A" in terms of sexual functionality ...

Anytime ... Anywhere ... Anyone

Hence, we see the spectacle of black children left to fend for themselves, often leading very short miserable lives ... because ... their father or mother or both couldn't keep their dicks in drydock or their hatches battened down. They didn't practice monogamy. That's the problem in Africa. These are primitive people who lack philosophical values similar to Western culture that would have stopped this problem before it got launched. This is the reason the epidemic is not rampant here. The white Western culture is primarily monogamous (despite any number of counter examples you might care to name) while the black culture is not.

This is what the ad is designed to hide.

The premise is that white Western people (who have the money to help) will only cough up if deceived into believing that the victims are anyone or everyone. They don't think they can get help if they state publicly "Help us save these little defenseless black children from starvation so they can grow up to be like their parents." Which may or may not happen given the awful learning process they are going through.

In this case they should literally call a spade ... a spade. They might find that we have some cash to spare as long as the lesson is taught to these kids that the cause of their plight is promiscuity in the presence of the AIDS virus, i.e. they must ...

Propose the Purpose to not be a Porpoise

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