The Alphabet Story

e tend to see patterns in everything. Am I seeing things here? I noticed this many years ago and thought I'd bring it up for your perusal.

Our present alphabet was put in this order by a single person (If I recall properly an article I read many years ago). This is not essential here though. There are universal principles at work.

Why this order?
Why not put the most common letters first?
Or, all the vowels first ...
or the consonants and then the vowels?


can be arranged into philosophical subunits
as given in the alphabet song


This analysis has possible significance only with the lower case. The upper case is of uniform height and is more of a standardized "power trip" than an insite on the human condition. This applies to the history of man rather than present conditions in an advanced Western type civilization.

bdpq are clearly phallic symbols.

In the first group bcd a c is inserted between two erections indicating a conflict over what? (obviously a woman - c__t?). The two arms are reaching toward the more mature d (dad?) and her back is turned to the b (boy?). This is a conflict of two men over a woman with the more powerful, dominant male getting the female.

efg looks like a family group. The e is a small child ... f is the father ... g is interacting with f trying to obtain a handout from f.
Clearly they are all mutually interacting with the f figure acceding (with a head bow) to the submissive plea of g. They look to f for direction. e looks like he wants to eat ... his mouth is open and his eye is big.

hijk is the familiar

i j

where the dots from i and j are eyes and the rest of the i being a teardrop ... and the j - a nose ... while the k is the mouth.

h looks like a horse, eh? Maybe. I don't know what significance this may be. Perhaps a female offering dogstyle???

What we have here is a rather meek and mild philosophy

l is a lonely guy with his hands at his side and m is "a nice pair" ... mamma, mammary (no doubt about this at all ... a baby at the suck station physically can say only one thing ... mmm...mmmmm ... get it?).

I once had an idea for what the no stood for with a relaxed papa looking on ... but I've forgotten what it was. Sorry. I believe the n is a frown ... mouth corners down.

Also, forgot what this was. (If I forgot ... it was probably a bad idea anyway.) Note though that p and q are both relaxed ... no conflict ... and are no longer facing one another.

This is a stable configuration. t is a man u is for happy and v is the female reproductive zone. What more could be asked for?

w x and y and z
Well, w is clearly an "old pair" ... x is the man (f,t) falling down dead ... and y? - the big question ... finally z is a man running toward the right.

This is philosophical commentary ...

burned into our collective subconscience and finding its expression in much of what we do ... including even our alphabet. It is reminiscent of "Ring around the rosy, a pocket full of posy, ashes, ashes ... all fall down" ... a child's view of the plague circa 17th century.

I don't think I'm making it up entirely on my own, eh?