The Best Bar Bet Going

his is undoubtedly the best bet I've yet seen. I found this information just yesterday so ... had to make it into a bar bet. Since I no longer frequent bars, I would ask any reader who tries it out to let me know the outcome.

Here's the pitch

"Under one of these two bar napkins I've written a name which is the answer to the question I will give you. Under the other is a name which is not the answer. Give me your best solution, choose which napkin you think it is under. If you guess right, you win the bet. If wrong, I win.

There are no hidden tricks ... just the riddle itself."

barbet.gif - 4kb

Now for the riddle

"There was a man born in 1897 who, as a boy, longed to fly. He got his big chance in June of 1927 when he flew across the Atlantic from New York to the European continent. He was greeted by 100,000 cheering supporters there and upon his return to the USA was given a hero's ticker tape parade in New York City. His last name begins with the letter "L". His full name was Charles A. ______?

What was his name? Which napkin is it under?"

Now if you think you know the obvious answer, you must also think that this is a "bar bet" and therefore there's gotta' be a trick. But maybe the simple trick is to get you to pick "THE WRONG ANSWER" napkin and thus make a fool out of yourself in front of your friends. On the other hand, maybe it is a trick and if you choose "THE TRUE ANSWER" you will lose your wager.

Get it?

Now make your choice then   click here   to see the real answer.