Flash Trash

downloaded Flash 5 Friday. After much consternation (inevitable when learning a new program), I finally managed to make something of a preliminary nature. It's a rudamentary, first try at a Flash page.

I like it ... no, I mean the program. I'm still just a beginner. But look what a nice thing you can do in a few short days of study.

The amazing thing about this thing is that it is only 14 kilobytes! If it was done with raster graphics, it could top out at 400K easy! What a difference.

On the downside, there is a hangup with the power of your graphics card. Though the file size is small, the work to display it by means of the graphics card and the Flash plugin program, makes for slow going on an older machine.

Anyone interested in keeping up with the Jones on the web has to get this (or something similar). Too bad it's 400 clams. Hmmmmm ... lots of money for less "bittage". 'Tis a bargain.

I have plans to redo my main file "The Nature of Existence" over the next year. All I have to do is pay for this program and work ... work ... work. But this is exactly the sort of work that I like to do. It's a joy for me.

Here's the url

My First Flash Page !