My Oldest Paper

his is the oldest personal thing I possess. I kept it because it represents the first calculation of anything at all out of nothing ... which corresponded with actual observation. That was in 1981 but this paper is from 1984. I have had many papers but, in general, they get thrown away when I "hit the road". The fact that I still have this is a testament to my stability since that year.

I have it all now ... at the same time ... Job - Car - Apartment ... (the big three ;o).

from 1984 Click to see readable pic ~ 70K

When first calculated, I was disappointed that the recessional velocity was only 1/2 c and tried many times, unsuccessfully, to double it up. I guessed (without giving it much thought), that it should come to exactly "c". A few years later, it dawned on me, of a sudden, that I had calculated the "apparent velocity" using the diameter of a unit particle as a baseline. And ... of course, the limiting apparent velocity of an object receding from an observer is 1/2 c. Eureka!