Rock & Roll
Will Never Die ... Just Transform

y recent purchase of a new Honda Civic with radio and cassette player has given me the opportunity to hear the latest in Rock & Roll garbage that fills the airwaves ... that is ... what passes for rock. I haven't listened to such things since the last time I bought a car with a radio. For fifteen years I have been listening to the sweet sounds of silence ... by choice ... prefering the company of my own thoughts to the endless prattle of DJ's.

In fact, the last album that I had in my "A" pile after I discovered classical music was Crazy Arthur Brown's 2nd record, Journey. It was the last thing I truly liked in the genre ... albumwise. So my lack of interest goes back a long way.

Now, I find myself tuning in KRPS in Dallas for "classic" rock which I enjoyed as a young thug ;o). I don't enjoy the memories it evokes ... just the music itself ... AND ... it's gotta' be HARD Rock ... not some soft Beatles stuff or the Carpenters or The Freakin' Singing Nun.

Before hard rock was invented by The Stones (and first perfected by Hendrix), I could see it coming. I didn't know just what it was going to be but I knew I'd know it when it did finally arrive. This is the best music for a teenager. I'm speaking of the male here. What girls want to hear at 18 isn't of interest to me. What? Barry Manilow? or ... what?

What a guy wants to hear at 18-25 is poundin'. workin' on it music ... if you take my meaning.

So, the golden age of hard rock was maybe late sixties through the seventies. I stopped listening in about '76 and missed some good stuff which I occasionally hear and tune in.

What universal truth does hard rock embody?

The universal teenage male state of mind ... an all consuming sense of self-importance, hot for sex, and scared shitless on the inside.

What does hard rock signify in concrete terms?

1) The steady beat, as always, stands in for a mother's reassuring heartbeat (the standard of internal bliss fixed forever in the womb). Much louder though and faster to ward off demons ... the everpresent fear of being responsible for your own existence.

2) Now, transform the meaning of that steady beat into "The Action" ... yaaaaahhhhh ... "That's what Ah want!" ... "Let me stand next to your fire!" ... "Comin' ta gitcha!"

3) Add some unintelligible screaming and you have ... the perfect reflection of a teenage male. He hears the music ... and it is "I" .... Iiiiiiii ... like it!

Now you can see why no traditional music of any culture can stand up to hard rock. It is the embodiment of universal teenage hostility, fear and agression. Given a choice between "The Rain Dance" and hard rock ... what do you think a teenage Indian will take? Between "The Traditional Folk Dance" and hard rock ... what will the teenage Gypsy take? ... and so on as infinitum.

That's why the current teenaged music forms will die

Now, I see all the modern stuff sounds like a candidate for noise abatement. I mean noise in the "static" sense. Apparently, some fools decided that if they mimic white noise for 50% of the volume of the sound track, nobody will notice that they have nothing to say and there is no melodic structure there at all. Not that hard rock needs a nice melody ... it doesn't. It does need some bit of melodic pitch structure to create the necessary philosophical "erection".

Modern groups seem to be trying to create an extended 5-minute orgasm of screaming and ... just what is it? That's not hard rock. "Hard" means "the Action" ... not the end of the Action.

Let's get back to basics guys.

And when is this Rap crap gonna end?

This is really old. The Beatniks in the fifties started this junk. They had a bongo drum or whatever in the background and some MaryJ hophead gave the lip to his social ideology. Same as rap but without the extreme swearing and volume. That's the ONLY difference.

Actually, modern rap music was invented by Soupy Sales in '55. Remember, White Fang and Black Tooth? You couldn't understand them either ... same as today. Hah!

Trivia: What was the name of the African kid ... "our pen pal"?
Answer: > > > Najui Nadoto < < < Highlight to see.