Track & Field
The Shotput

believe that this event is ripe for "Fosburying". The way it is done now seems terribly awkward. Lots of groaning but not very effective use of all those muscles.

I happened to see some athletes warming up for this event and couldn't help but recall the huge catapults I'd seen on TV which were designed to launch pianos ... 200 yards. Applying their manner of working to the human torso seemed eminently feasible.

Here is my "alternative"

You place the shot in your cupped hands with interlocking fingers.

Then ...

  • Squat down with the shot between your legs just off the ground
  • Swing the shot between your legs to psyche up the toss
  • You're rocking on your feet catching the rhythm
  • When ready ... heave
  • The shot over your head ... while
  • Pushing up with the legs (not well shown in the picture)
  • Throw with shoulders and arms as well as legs
  • Release interlocked fingers
  • Fall down on your back ... flat
  • Verify new world record
  • Don't forget to wear a helmet ;o)
  • And ... a belly belt
  • Maybe some shoulder pads?
  • It's been decades since Dick Fosbury changed the way people did the high jump. Could the same be done here?

    In the now standard way of rotating the body then throwing, it seems that one is using less of one's muscles than is actually possible.

    Observe the difference

    In the normal shotform you use one deltoid, one tricep, some back and some right leg. You could say you used more to get up the spinning speed ... OK ... maybe.

    In my proposed way you use ... two deltoids, two biceps, both thighs and both calves and heavy on the back muscles. I don't see how this could fail to outdo the standard form. The power must be close to a "Clean & Jerk".

    Some big, hairy, musclebound motherputter ...

    Must try this

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