Musical Chairs
drunken fun on the patio

fter setting a spell in the lawn furniture section of Target, I came to the momentous conclusion that all the chairs designed for the backyard of 100,000,000 suburban homes ... are poorly designed.

Let's fix 'em

First off, when you go to someone's backyard barbecue party, you expect to imbibe to some extent ... some to an extent greater than others. We have the stage set for the party but why settle for 'canned' music. Wouldn't it be infinitely more creative to make one's own music ... tailored to to the exact tastes of the participants? With the foregoing in mind, why can't this type of furniture be the "haute muzak" of the weekenders?

Here is a typical lawn chair. Rollover the image to see what Ah'm talkin' 'bout

Obviously, there are many instruments that could be engineered into the system that could be cheap, simple and effective. Since we will be dealing with a 'bunch of drunks', we can eliminate the flats and sharps and just stick to the key of "C". (Well, maybe we could work in some flats ... maybe.)

If everyone is in the same key, all that anyone need worry about is keeping time ... and ... as we all know ... that's no problem at all when you've had a few too many bruskies.

Imagine the fun

What manner of ridiculous music might one make with one's cronies ... on and on into the night ... stopping only at the behest of the gendarmes. A recording session ... play back to blackmail ... get a contract from a music company (or the Mafia) ... the mind boggles at the possibilities. Imagine how the "session" would begin ... slowly at first ... gathering momentum as the night wears on and the cooler empties.

This is definitely a winner.

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