E-basic Examples

he examples I have presently available are all handmade products requiring many hours of hard work. That's what it will take if you choose to transcribe something. But it only has to be done once. Expect your initial efforts to have about 20-30 transcription errors per 2,000 note composition. Weeding these out takes some dilligence. If you choose to go this route, I would like to post your results (with your e-mail signature) on these pages or links to your page..

I made these at a different screen resolution and can find no way at present of putting them in their intended form on my new machine. Also, they were made originally as black and white bitmaps. I have, at present no standardized way of making a piece of music. You're on your own until I am able to create a computer program.

A few things are presently clear:

  • No more than four columns will fit on a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper with letters large enough to be easily seen. [And four is tight]
  • The average compression ratio that I am getting in general allows me to put 4 or 5 pages of standard notation on 2 pages. This is desirable from the standpoint of page turning. [An activity that will soon be a thing of the past . . . real time computer display will displace printed music.]
  • 95% of all keyboard music is written within the E-Basic staff so the remainder is not a problem.

To play these pieces, I suggest that you play a professional recording of them first. Then, you know how it goes. Recordings make many notation devices obsolete.

Chopin Op.28 no.20 ~ 11K
Chopin Op.28 no.7 ~ 8K
Chopin Op.25 no.9 (Butterfly Etude) pg.1 ~ 23K
Chopin Op.25 no.9 (Butterfly Etude) pg.2 ~ 21K
Chopin Op.28 no.4 ~ 24K
Rachmaninoff Op.3 no.2 (Prelude in C# minor) pg.1 ~ 28K
Rachmaninoff Op.3 no.2 (Prelude in C# minor) pg.2 ~25K
Debussy ... Clair de Lune pg.1 ~ 32K
Debussy ... Clair de Lune pg.2 ~ 27K
Debussy ... Prelude Bk.1 no.1 ~ 26K
E Basic Rules ~ 27K

I do not expect to attempt more until I have a computer program. It is too difficult.

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