E-Basic Experiment
a slightly modified configuration

y grandsons are taking up musical instruments this summer so I decided to go back to my piano (at least a little). I had the idea some months ago to subdivide a given piece into manageable units based on division by sixths ... that is, dividing everything into chunks such that short term memory needn't deal with more than six things at once.

Human limitations to short term memory seem to be about seven. Thus, we can remember telephone numbers if we divide them into groups like 972-818-1234 instead of 9728181234 which becomes impossible at a quick glance.

Also, I've attempted to give each subsection a name to facilitate memory in the long term. In the example, each section is named "O" then "P" then "U" then "S" so that I can memorize it as OPUS 28 # 20 , etc. I will report here if I find this to be of assistance in long term memorization (which to me is the hardest part of music once you've learned to play reasonably well).

Here is my experimental piece.

I used to be able to play this simple piece quite well (at least I thought so ;o)

Note that there are two columns with four sections each and five lines in each section and 6-7 notes in each line as required by two handed chords. We can section the entire piece generally staying under the seven limit.

Chopin Prelude Op.28 #20 - 11kb

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