Ebtx Compositions

ere are my recent midi conpositions made with Music Creator 4 and Garritan Professional Orchestra.

From my video "The Natue Of Existence" put on Google on 3/10/08


Anything below this line \/ is obsoleted.

I will place on this page any midi composition of mine currently available. Over the next two years I expect to place only a dozen or so. This depends largely on the degree to which I am able to master Voyetra's Digital Orchestrator Pro ( an adequate but somewhat "clumsy" interface ).

Anyone thinking of buying AutoScore (the program where you just sing or play an instrument and it takes down the notes in a midi sequencer) ... don't bother. AutoScore is a "joke". It might be able to get 50% of the notes ... not nearly good enough for anything serious. It's just another program "not ready for primetime". Maybe someday. Sound recognition is one of the slowest developiing aspects of computing. I expect to see a good music recognition program in not less than 10 years. (Also, sound recognition programs seem to interfere with simple text editing programs of all things. It cuts out the keyboard until you reboot.)

I strongly recommend MidiGate Midi player
[costs 10 bucks but is worth it, i.e. it does what I want it to.]

Prelude #1 [3K-Feb99] ... This piano piece was made a few years ago. I was dissatisfied with it because I could not clean it up well enough with my old midi program.

A Test Midi Composition [55K ~2 min. June99] ... This is a fairly big midi file for 2 minutes (not sure why, I'm new to this). It is pure unadulterated junk which was constructed in about 1 or 2 hours of fiddling around with Autoscore and Digital Orchestrator Pro. I'm trying to learn how to make my symphony and a few other things but first I must learn how to manipulate the programs with some confidence.

Something you can learn from this junk composition:
My step-daughter thinks this sounds OK. I tried to tell her that it was basically all random except for the tympani on the end which I tried to structure to make an ending. Musical instruments are so refined and honed to the human psyche that almost anything you play can sound OK or even good just because of the beauty of the instruments. In the same way a painting with lots of colors might look really good but only because of the hundreds of years of work spent in refining the available paints. It's the tools and not the artist in these cases.

3rd Movement
of a Sonata
[7K ~3 min. June99] ... I used this piece, recorded a couple years ago, to learn how to manipulate my piano roll window in Digital Orchestrator Pro. I was able to "clean" it up pretty well (but I still need to work on my technique ;o).

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