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have said in the past that when anyone "waxes philosophic", it means that he is finished as a researcher, i.e. he will make no more discoveries. This is my time to give up. I will be 57 in a few weeks and my mind is not as nimble as it once was. So, it's off the the intellectual boneyard for me. If I should ever make a major discovery in the future, it will be by accident. I shall stumble and fall over it and ... with my experience ... should still be able to recognize a significant find. But I won't hold my breath. I am still fully capable of following the deductive trail however and shall continue to develop such ideas as I have had in the past forty-some years ... pitiful as they may be.

    Included here are:
  • What is the universe?
  • What are we?
  • What is our place in existence?
  • Who are the bad guys?
  • What goals should we aspire to?
  • What does the future hold?

What is the universe and why does it exist?

By my reckoning, the universe is a geometrical display of logic ... we are the "form" that it takes. Matter stands in for the integers and interactions are the embodiment of logical-mathematical operations. Specifically, the universe is just one big integer count starting at "1" and going to infinity. The baryon number represents the current count. Because there is a logical direction to the integers from less to more, we have time. Everything else constitutes the complex logical fallout from an initial set of simple postulates.

Although I am unable to account for everything so far discovered about the universe, I am satisfied that my model is completely in keeping with the observed character of existence that we all perceive on a daily basis. The standard model differs chiefly in that the strength of the four forces are thought to be stable over time. I demand that they change according to a schedule that the standard modelers regard as "falsified". We shall see. If the pure numbers associated with those strengths do not change over time, my hypothesis is indeed falsified. However, their supposed falsification is by extrapolation from data coming in from distances that are appreciable fractions of the Hubble radius. This data, I believe, may be corrupted is such ways as to cause the universe to appear unchanging. Real falsification would consist of calculations of the FSC for instance taken now and millions of years in the future. If these numbers do not change, I am completely wrong.

If I am wrong, the universe may be just one of an infinite number of "junk" universes. Laws of physics can be anything and any quantity and the ingredients of our universe were just picked out of a hat at random. In other words, we are trash in "God's waste basket". I say that we are unique and on "God's desktop", i.e. the only object of His contemplation. (< This is not a religious endorsement)

What are we?

Firstly, we are not insignificant, unless size matters exclusively. Intellectually speaking, I view the universe as smaller than a basketball. Come to think of it, I can wrap my head around it easily ;o) Think about it for a moment, all that is in the universe is immediately upon us. We don't sense distant galaxies, we sense that which is sent to us from that place so it is immediately upon us making it logically ... tiny. There is no big universe ... there are only small minds. Though it appears to be very complex, our advances in physics indicate that it's degree of difficulty is not beyond human understanding. It's just bigger than we can presently understand. Give it another thousand years and ... it's fully comprehended ... except in the deductions we may draw from its initial premises. These are indeed infinite, though of lesser import.

The most trenchant statement I have ever seen on the subject of our nature was made by Liebniz ... roughly he said, "If you could see the inner workings of the mind, it would look like a mill" ... meaning that there are physical processes going on in there that correspond to the common physical processes that we see all around us. This means that everything that happens has at least a part of consciousness infused in it. A vending machine is "conscience" in some limited way while it is in operation. To get a fully functional machine that talks to us might take a trillion such vending machines harnessed together in an integrated fashion.

And these integrated vending machines must be insulated from all other randomizing influences. The the rest of the universe goes its way ... like earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, etc. ... BUT ... the brain must take input from that external universe such that the vending machine brain has a logical "referent", i.e. something which it might contemplate and thereby discern a difference from itself. A being cannot identify itself except by reference to something which it is not. Hence, there can be no "God" except as a sea of potential consciousness. That is what the universe of inanimate matter is vis a vis consciousness ... an undifferentiated proto-consciousness incapable of conscious "focus".

Now, if a sufficient number of vending machines come together in the afformentioned integrated manner (brain cells) ... we can attain "focus" ... we are fully conscious ... we can perceive ourselves as distinct from the rest of the universe. Essentially, if we regard the "sea of potential consciousness" as God ... we are His expressions ... we are the manner in which God can form "thoughts" ... we are His eyes and ears ... essentially, we ARE Him. And when you die, you go back to the "sea of potential consciousness" from which you came, i.e. you are re-absorbed back into "God" ... you go back to where you were before you were born ... do you remember that place?

Now, the atheist (as a purist) will recognize the above as a euphemistic description of "oblivion". And that's just what it is. We are finite beings. To die is a good thing for a finite being. It gives life meaning and an excuse to procreate. It's just that we're a little tooooooo finite. If we could just eliminate the aging process and live as a 25 year old ... indefinitely ... that would be real, good finite. We'd die someday but not today. An individual should live till he is no longer afraid of death. That's a long time ... but definitely not infinite.

What is our place in existence?

In general, we are to fulfill the purpose of our design to bear witness to existence and.

to be continued ...

I don't have a lot of time to devote to my site this summer. I work days and when I get home, I take my grandsons to Hurricane Harbor. They go to the wave pool and I seek out the shaded chaise lounge chairs after the first wetting. Then, we watch Cartoon Network till their mother picks them up fairly late. I'd rather spend my time with them than do site work because I have an effect on them which has some importance whereas, anything I do on the web has no lasting value ... it's just "interesting". On the weekends, I chauffeur my wife around town, so there's little time to do this. More time in the fall.

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