he quality of my writing style reflects my personal desire to "explain" phenomena (in writing) principally to me not to any other audience. Hence, it has been stripped of all unnecessary "fluff" which serves to make following the narrative easier.

I try explicitly never to put things into my work which I have read time and again elsewhere unless I have some new observation to make on that subject. If you actually read what I have written, you will not 'get a break' from the insertion of extra "filler" paragraphs.

If you are genuinely interested in what is available on my site ... read only a few things and go away. Please do come back when you have digested them, i.e. when you have formulated your own counter arguments and/or new observations from your own personal perspective.

I fully expect a visitor to this site to do work (real intellectual work) which serves to expand his mental horizon. Whether or not there is any agreement with what I say is less important than that work (as an end in itself) is done by the reader.

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