ind is governed by laws which are infinitely reflexible (see index-"Nature of Existence" for further elaboration of this term). They bend elastically and in bending build up an opposed force tending to return to unstressed default positions whereas laws pertaining to matter are immediate absolutes meaning that they must be obeyed at every instant.

Laws of mind are also absolute in the sense that they cannot be altered in any way by the actions of man (neither psychologically nor genetically) because they originate in the context of the universe as a whole and are subject only to the fundamental logical principles as given herein.
By corollary from the above these rules also apply:

    "One cannot escape one's own identity."
    Any being has an identity, as that being, independent of his choice which cannot be permanently defeated.

    "An animal proceeds in its development until it fulfills the purpose of its design."
    The actions of an animal are those it is capable of. A lion will not walk like a chicken and a bird will not roar like a lion. They are physically constructed for much their behavior. (by corollary from the above)

    "A being will continue to do what it has done in the past."
    The past is the standard by which present behavior is determined. Therefore, without cause to change, behavior will remain the same. (Continuity of identity through time)

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