The Fetus

egin with the fetus at the stage when electrical activity in the brain begins.

Information enters the brain via nerves which constitute the mind/world interface. Such information enters the brain without the presence of a context. There is nothing in the brain to process data.
Rather, the first input forms the context for processing.

In a tabula rasa state the brain absorbs information from the external world while doing nothing with it other than filing (information from sensory organs going to and being filed in hardwired sights within the brain).

This must be so given the initial postulate.

Because the brain is electrical there is a hardware output..
It is the spontaneous 'firing' of electrical signals from the brain to motor organs.
The fetus moves by unwilled muscular contractions. Such spontaneous motion creates a secondary input. (e.g. As the hand moves in the amniotic fluid the motion is sensed generating a new source of information.)

There are then two types of information being generated: simple external and self-generated external. At some time these two are identified by the brain (classified as separate types).

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