onsciousness presupposes the development of context and begins with the creation of the first percept ... the identification of self-generated as opposed to simple external input.

The embodiment of self identification is willed action, i.e. initial non-spontaneous movement.
Such willed action differs from the random motion of the fetus due to spontaneous electrical discharges by the quantity of motion per unit time or spatially more extensive movements per unit space. Thus, if there were ten spontaneous movements per unit time in general. and then a sudden increase to one hundred movements per unit time, the rate increase is the quantitive identifier of consciousness.

Such movements are necessarily uncoordinated, there being as yet no context for 'willed coordination'.

In accordance with the general law of existence, (see index " Nature of Existence") "All that which exists (interacts) must have form", an internal qualitive sensation of self comes into existence as distinct from other sensations.
The willing of motions (quantitive) and experience of self (qualitive) are logically congruent. The initial occurence of both is 'orgasm', the meaning of which is simply "I am" or "I exist relative to and separate from all other types of data".

The exact instant when a fetus becomes conscious is in theory observable.

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