Core Logic Errors

The following is an addendum prompted by email exchange in which the sender asked me to "prove" that existence exists. When I offered her a proof by "preponderance of evidence", she rejected that ... subconsciously I suppose, requiring an exact logical statement which is impossible since the person asking for proof must accept the means of proof as existential in order to negate it. (a clear contradiction) - Ebtex Feb.1998 see also Nature of Existence - Logical Proofs
he distinction between simple external input and self-generated input which occasions the "birth of consciousness" (self awareness), is also the occasion on which the first error of life might be committed.

One may identify the simple external input as the self there being no experience upon which to make the guess. That is, the fetus has the experience to make the distinction between the two (identification) but not the conceptual "association". There are two possibilities:

  • Self-generated = Me / External = Environment |true|
  • External = Me / Self-generated = Environment |false|

Probabilistically, the expectation is that 50% will make the initial error.

When this occurs, it must be overcome at a later date, i.e. inconsistencies develop immediately. The fetus is unable to integrate information properly and a new facility is engendered.

The fetus becomes introspective

The "excercise" of self awareness is the analysis of internal data, i.e. introspection.

There are fundamental choices,

  • to reexamine the internal data
  • to examine it superficially
  • to redo the whole thing, "recreate oneself in a logically consistent manner"

    Such choices are not the capabilities of an undeveloped fetal mentality. New data is assimilated without proper integration which generates the psychological "pressure" to choose. The process therefore extends in time.

    This situation sets the precedent for "giving up a standard" (sensual, perceptual, conceptual) and taking up another discussed in another section.

    It is then easy to see why a being who has made this error and failed to correct it ... and has by some means (relying on others?) been able to survive to adulthood ... will reach a point of rejecting ... absolutely ... any thought of correcting the error. For to do so would be to "Dallas" one's entire existence.

    Bobby shower scene "it was all a dream" - TV soap Dallas ca.70-80's
    Obviously, the error-laden mind of such an individual will necessarily feel the need:
    • to impose his view of existence on others
    • to reject and fear introspection
    • to transmogrify self-revulsion into hatred of others
    To change one's entire core logic structure late in life is equivalent to obliterating oneself. One might as well commit suicide and

    leave the field in favor of
    a spankin' brand new fetus

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