he concept of evil is applicable to conceptual beings only. It is the conscious attempt to obliterate conceptual nature which is seen to be defective and is perpetrated by those with an improper focus 'haunted' by a conscience. This causes conceptual pain and guilt because the new center of focus has the same function as the soul and to knowingly give up one's soul is conceptual suicide.

The only course open to such beings is to give up the new 'conceptual self' or to obliterate all others who have retained their primary standard thereby 'validating' the process of giving up primary conceptual standards. The whole of which is logically inconsistent. (If it is improper to give up a secondary standard, why is it proper to give up the primary standard?)

The goal of evil is conceptually oriented and has no physical foundation. Physical life and its needs is not the basis of morality. (Physical nature is the basis for political principles.)
The end sought by evil is conceptual help or termination.
Willed damage to another is an end in itself only to those experienced beings who have knowingly acknowledged and accepted themselves as evil.

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