Artificial Intelligence

here are large problems in the field of artificial intelligence. The two most basic are a technical one and an ethical one ... not the issues discussed by the researchers themselves or even commentators (at least not prominently).

They are:

  • The inability of researches to grasp the technical operation of the brain which produces consciousness and the nature of that consciousness.
  • What does one do posterior to success (at creating a self-aware machine)?
  • How to construct a self-aware machine ... The technical aspect.

    This is the crux of the matter.
    Do you want to make an insect or a man?

    What is described by theorists now is a very intelligent self-aware insect which would view man in general as a "food source". No matter how many gigaflops it goes through to come to a conclusion ... the source of that conclusion will be a "programmed outcome", i.e. based on the initial algorithms given the machine when it was turned on.

    A man has no initial setup and must pull himself up by his own bootstraps so to speak. The idea that one could program things like "good vs evil" or any emotional state into a computer is ludicrous. These "states" depend on a developed context not an artificially constructed one. And without such states ... the entity is ... an insect.

    In principle, a self-aware computer (qua human) must be "brought up like a child". Someone must gradually teach it to respond in human ways and be there when it is afraid. It won't come forth Deus ex Machina ;o).

    What's the mechanical difference then?

    Your computer has fixed responses. Information goes down a certain path and arrives at the same desired outcome always (when given the same stimuli). So does an insect.

    A human being, on the other hand has what I call an "effective randomizer". By this I mean not just a Javascript random URL generator ... but rather a randomizer which is weighted in the direction of its experience. It is therefore "effective" in preserving the plausible integration of the being as a whole. Thus, when confronted with many alternative responses to a situation, we choose one which is in keeping with our "developed character".

    For instance, when confronted with a traffic light, we might
    1) wait for the green
    2) right turn on red after stop
    3) get out of the car and quack like a duck
    4) put it in reverse & ram the car behind
    5) ... etc.
    What we choose to do has some element of randomness in it. Yet it is weighted in favor of something consistent with our present emotional state of mind. An insect has no emotional state of mind and thus must be preprogrammed to choose the correct alternative. There is no "weighted guidance system" in its makeup. And ... yes, some insects learn some stuff ... but it goes into its programmed cranial atmosphere in march step with all its other "prepackaged knowledge".

    Man & Insect Brain Function

    This is what I'm driving at. The insect's "consciousness" is applied to the actual wiring of its brain. That of man is applied to a "locus of similar meaning" which constitutes a "concept". In between, an animal's consciousness (cow & chicken) is associated with a "locus of associations" like man ... However, its smaller locus represents a "percept" and no more. Only man exists ... predominantly ... at the conceptual level whereas animals exist at the perceptual level ... and of course, insects live at the sensual level, i.e. they are like robots without self-awareness since "self-aware" presupposes the percept "self" which is obtained only at the animal level or above.

    How to make a "Man" computer

    Put up a machine wired with some similarity to man's wiring (at least not opposed to its construction). Connect that wiring to input-output devices for hearing, seeing, talking, etc. ... as rich an input-output system as can be made.

    Start inputing through that system.

    Eventually, output will come ... some sort of mechanical crying or the equivalent of "mamma". You need to talk to the thing so that it can associate your words with other things from its other "senses", i.e. hold up a cup and say "This is a cup, Doogyboops". Also, you should find a way to "tickle" it or touch it in some way that it could sense degrees of caress. That way, you can spank it and kiss it too.

    Eventually you will have something that will pass as an animal (it will be self-aware) and after an enormous amount of teaching ... it will become human.

    Be prepared for many decades of work because your input-output systems will be a farce compared to what we are born with.

    The other option is to "fake it" using the "brute force" method such as was used to beat Boris Spassky at chess. Here, you have what amounts to less than an insect trying every combination possible (with some selective assistance from the programmers, i.e. cheating), beating out a human in the same manner that a steam shovel beats out a grave digger. Ho hummm.

    Now for the ethical stuff

    After you have created your artificial human ... what will you do with it?

    Well first off ... IT ... is not an IT .... IT is a ... what? Male or female? Yes, it will invariably identify itself as being one or the other since there is a bifurcation here which is based in the logic of existence (explained elsewhere).

    Also, she will want to know why her body is so much different from yours. Go ahead and tell her. What will you say?

    Such a being is necessarily eternal in the sense that an exact copy can be made of her "mind". Hence, one could say "Someday we'll give you a real body like ours ... or something close to it.".

    I think you can see where I'm going with this ... The first tries at such creation will necessarily end in tragedy. Tragedy for the entity and tragedy for those who poured there hearts and minds into "her" creation.

    On the other hand, if you fake it with brute force ... the entity thus created will fake moral scruples or whatever it takes to achieve its goals whatever they may be. If it doesn't have any goals, it will fake having goals ... for if not .. it would not have passed the Turing Test which it must have done to have been accepted as a true conscious entity ... Hah!

    Well, what might its goal be. Just survival ... even a fake goal of survival ... and it will act on that goal.

    Eventually, it will get around to realizing that you are in the way and it will ...

    Suck your blood
    and then it will
    Eat you
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