xternal reality is the primary constraint guiding physical and mental development. Hence, genetic constructs to control the development and activity of mind beyond what is physically necessary are redundant. (In man even a sucking reflex is learned, vis. the position of the thumb makes fetal insertion into its mouth statistically obvious while pulling the thumb out generates low pressure in the oral cavity thereby requiring only a reversal of cause to learn the action.)

Man is the 'object' of evolution in a logical sense with respect to external constraints. Given elemental life forms and a gas / solid interface to inhabit, evolution will eventually produce a manlike creature with high mental capabilities.

Evolution then proceeds until it produces a being capable of turning it off.

The greatest amount of time will be spent in perfecting the elementary principles of cellular existence. Thereafter, the evolution of great complexity is accomplished with unexpected ease. It is the rule of existence that major principles present more difficulty than those they subsume. Man learns to count in ten thousand years while the most esoteric aspects of differential calculus are learned in a few hundred.

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