Downside Limits
of Human Behavior

he H.G.Wells book "The Time Machine" depicts a race of beings called Eloi who are "cultivated" by the Morlocks (an underground race of post-armageddon mutants) for food. They supposedly lead an idyllic above ground garden type existence until the Morlocks sound a siren calling them to dinner (Morlock dinner).

The Eloi have no interests beyound eating and basking in the sunshine. There is no intellectual development among them.

This condition of man is impossible on the theoretical level just as this statement represents an improper assessment of possibilities ... "If there were no God, man would have to invent Him". (The meaning of which is that left to his own devices, man would necessarily degenerate into moral "swine" bereft of consideration for his neighbors ... in fact, preying on them ... read Morlocks.)

The reason for the impossibility is simply the size of man's brain in concert with its primary function (the integration of large quantities of data).

Thus, just as the "cock crows", the "cow moos" and the "buck farts" ... man would have his thoughts. It is not his nature to be a tree and he could not find satisfaction in such a plantlike existence. It is as impossible that man shoud not think as that he should not walk.

And if one thinks, one does not go on a killing spree of one's neighbors. You would be busy about your primary contract with nature, i.e. the study of, and exploitation of your environment for the purpose of easy, and enjoyable living.

The Secondary Information Pool

The primary information pool is encoded on DNA (the genetic blueprint for our physical construction). There is no way to encode secondary information (our thoughts and ideas ... our "map" of existence). This map is far too vast. Yet this information is of great value ... no less than our physical construction ... so it is indirectly included by way of giving our physical identities the means and therefore a natural directive to acquire it. We get a big brain ... and so ... use it.

Voila !

We have intelligence. We improvise. We overcome.

There is a condition placed upon our "tendency" to be intelligent. We must exist in an information rich environment. If there is little to explore our big brain advantage will go for little in excess of other animals. The porpoise is so deprived. Living in the relative poverty of an oceanic existence, it has little to occupy its mind other than social interactions with its own kind.

Even though relatively unused a dolphin brain is still advantage. Therefore, it is not lost to genetic atrophy. Who can guess what they might learn (if they could see on a regular basis) something other than black & blue, light & dark color shades?

Concerning Information Rich Environments

That the ocean is "information poor" is certain when compared to the land environment. Everything possessed by the sea is duplicated and exceeded manyfold. A water environment is about as complex as the "pianoforte" (an object a human cannot reasonably bear to concentrate on for periods exceeding 4 hours).
In fact, all human arts are relatively information poor which is the reason we cannot bear up to a movie greater than about 3 hours in length ... and it must be good at that ... or endure a symphony in excess of 1 hour, no matter how well made. One can paint for long periods but still come to the point at which the brain cries out "Is this all there is?". We require enough to satisfy our genetically given capabilities, i.e. the real world of nature.
The nature of man is then good by definition. We have evolved to facilitate our own existence and we obtain to this goal by observing and utilizing the outside world.

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