he general philosophy of this work may be called 'perfect integration'. It is the belief that all fundamental principles fit together in a faultless, seamless, logical structure.

And that there is only one such structure.

Because man is in the universe, mind is congruent with the physical universe (as interaction).
Therefore, existence is, as a whole, an entity possessed of mind.
It cannot be a discreet entity in the manner of its parts (man) but is rather a holistic entity and the context in which discreet entities exist.

God is to universe as mind is to brain

Logic and God are therefore congruent aspects of existence. Logic being the quantitive, analyzable aspect and God being that which is qualitive and unanalyzable.

One analyzes quantities.
One contemplates qualities.

Analysis produces understanding and the means of physical existence.
Contemplation produces contentment and gives meaning to life.


Thank you for your
patience and interest - Ebtx

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