Two recent observations about
God and Testosterone
man-better than god ; testosterone-cause of war

here were some women at a university where one fella gave a talk about the possibility that women were different from men (genetically) and this might be the reason for their poorer performance in math and the sciences. The women walked out in protest because all this had been "proven" false by earlier speeches. They actually got all huffy about somebody's opinion as though their's was writ in sacred stone.

Of course, there is no difference between men and women ... hmmmmm ... sure ... no difference.

Let me reiterate my position here. If all the women were somehow gone ... half of the men would become more effeminate to "take up the slack". That half would be less able at math and science but would be very good at "nurturing" (a predominately female trait). If all the men suddenly disappeared, the same would occur for the female. Half would tend to greater masculinity taking up the slack in the math and science department. There is a necessary, logical bifurcation here that cannot be genetically dissolved. It is the "bucket" into which the sand of chance genetic mutation is poured. Genetics takes the form of the bucket ... always.

Our genetic makeup "facilitates" the physical exposition of the logic of ...

Finite existence

We are finite. We live then we die. In between there is conflict (something is trying to kill us and we don't want to go). Hence, we have plans, goals, aspirations, disappointments and passions which make us "human". Because we are logically finite, genetic mutation serves to facilitate a "show" of that logic. Genetics is never the cause ... it is only an effect of our particular situation.

I always found Mr. Ashlee Montague to be a disturbing being. He was a distinguished English gentleman who appeared regularly on the Johnny Carson show and other talk shows in the 60s and 70s. He's probably croaked by now but his schtick was always that women were superior to men because of their gentle disposition while man was the cause of all the world's troubles. I never really had an answer to this position except "So what?" ... till recently.

Now, I see the light. Testerone is not a cause but is rather a result. If there wasn't any testosterone-adrenalin interaction, nature would have to invent it ... because ... it allows the male to be stronger and more aggressive which gives him a better chance at life in a survival of the fittest scenario. The women don't need this because their attributes are equally necessary, i.e. they provide the reason for living to compliment the male's production of the means of living. The role of the female is predominantly psychological while the male's is primarily physical. Without either, human life must come to an end ... slowly if by female failure, quickly if by male failure.

So, what would happen if the male suddenly became like a women in his psychological makeup?

The answer is really simple. We would still have wars (necessitated by the same logic of our situation). It's just that they would be carried out with less aggression and passion. You'd still die ... if not by bullets then ... by poison. Mechanisms would change but the results would be the same ones required by the logic of finite beings which never changes by genetic means. It remains ever oblivious of our tribulations.

Whatever anyone thinks, does or says in the field of male-female interactions makes no difference now or in the past or ever will in the future. Only situations which are wildly at odds with reality can be changed ... like the social position of women in Islamic culture in the 21st century which doesn't match up properly with the present state of civilization.

In the very long run, male and female will resemble one another quite closely because all the things which tend to kill us will be understood and eliminated. There will be no logic driving the male's aggressiveness. However, male and female will still be divided into distinct camps by whatever stresses remain. So, if you could observe these people now, you would say, "What are they arguing about? They have full equality already.". It would appear to be an ideal society because you would not be able to perceive the minute differences which fueled their controversies.

Which brings us back to God ...

Why is god supposedly so much better than us? Why is infinite better than finite?

Why is infinity.gif - 1kb "better" than   1 ... !?

Well, it isn't by any standard I know of. It's just "different" ... that's all. It differs only in quality. In quantity, there is no comparison possible. Infinity isn't just very much larger than finite. It's a different animal altogether. Thus, man is equal to God. And because we don't have the experience of "god", we must necessarily prefer our state over that hypothetical infinite creature-thing-state.

Man is better than God

case closed.


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