. . . to Understand

he term "understanding" means that the concept referred to "stands under" (i.e. is subsumed by) another term in a hierarchical structure. It is a subset of another well known concept.

We learn by acquiring information which is filed in the brain's hardware system. Similar experiences go to similar locations. (initially tabula rasa - see naman.htm)

This data acquisition process is called "Identification" and consists simply of separating a given 'thing' from the background it exists in (i.e. it is different from all other things).
When enough data is obtained, a concept is formed. (A 'concept' is similar to a file folder and the 'information obtained' constitutes its files.)

By free or forced induction, these concepts are put into a hierarchical structure. (Albeit, sometimes incorrectly)

New information is then processed through this system, falling into its proper place where we then say "It is understood.". If it does not go into any place currently understood, it is processed as the initial information was, until such time as a new concept is formed which can then be fitted into the structure.
Or ...... the structure is "reworked" and a new, more viable hierarchy is formed.

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