may freely speculate about the nature and mechanisms of mind without fear of offending the scientific community because they don't do this sort of thing. Scientific forays into the mind consist primarily of physical brain studies which is kind of like reading the Encyclopedia Brittanica through a straw.

Psychology, if you choose to call it a science, does not deal in fundamentals because psychologists (main stream) are compelled to deny the existence of hierarchical structures in order to remain politically correct. (Nothing is better or worse than anything else and nothing is higher or lower and nothing - God forbid - is more or less advanced. Egalitarian elitism, what a combo!)

It is said that there are more scientists living today than have ever lived in the past. I suppose they mean the 'data gatherers' (the people putting radio collars on animals who haven't got a snowballs' chance in hell of surviving the 21st century). I call 'em what they are ... "bean counters".

While the earth is getting ready to terminally overpopulate, they're still gathering data. Enough already.

The other half of science must be to integrate data into consistent maps of reality to which humanity might refer in order to make rational decisions.
That's what I wish to attempt here and everywhere I possibly can.
Make maps ... NOW
Tomorrow may be too late.

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