Raise your I.Q.

ou can raise your intelligence quotient by two methods (Legitimately or by Cheating).

First we discuss cheating since its the short part.

You can have someone take an IQ test for you (or have a bunch of guys figure out the answers) and say it's yours. This, I believe, was the tactic taken by former politico John Sinunu who supposedly took the first "World's Hardest IQ Test" in OMNI magazine and got all but two? incorrect. Sure ...
I took that test and did every question (right or wrong) by myself. So I can say with authority that it was an ass buster. There wasn't a politico ever born who'd get less than 20 wrong. The idea that he would get 2 wrong is outrageously silly. He probably started it, saw how difficult it was and got a few whiz kids to do it for him (cash only). I absolutely do not believe him.

Addendum:Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 -0400 (EDT)
Another dissatisfied customer writes ...
You seem to have many good things here, but they are surrounded by a few outlandish statements that ruin your credibility. You should think about staying more possitive. For example, I happen to know firsthand that John Sununu completed his IQ test very legitimately. Unfortunately for you, he actually is a genius. For gosh sakes, he got his pHD from MIT in less than 1 year. Do some homework.
Answer: This is unfortunate for him if true. But ...

"If youz lays down wit de dog, youz gets up wit de fleas."

Another way to cheat is the Marilyn VosSavant method. ( Sorry about the spelling if it's wrong.)
Take zillions of IQ tests and I guarantee you that you will do much better on IQ tests. However, you won't be that much more intelligent. You will be a little more intelligent. So if your entire shtick in life is getting high IQ marks this is a good way to go.
I have a brother who did jigsaw puzzles. He got extremely good at them. To bad there weren't any money contests. He would have been a good ringer.

Now let's talk legitimate intelligence ...

What is intelligence anyway?
Answer: Intelligence is one of those things that people say can't be defined. And they're right. It can't be defined because it's is a folder not a file. Since you are using a computer, you know what I mean. You can define a file quite well but a directory is simply a place where you put files of a certain general kind.
So the intelligence folder is "where you put files related to doing intellectual stuff as opposed to physical or emotional stuff".

Other "undefinable" folders: the ubiquitous LOVE folder ; the ART folder.
I think you understand me here.

So how do you measure it?

By what's in the folder, i.e. the quality and quantity of the files in there.

By quality of files I mean the level of the concepts involved.
Because all knowledge can be arranged in a hierarchical structure, those ideas at the top are of greatest utility. They become the tools by which we understand the files they subsume. The term "understand" means simply that the understood concept has been correctly filed within the proper hierarchy of folders. It stands under them, i.e. it is "under-stood".
Conversely, creating a new file folder above others is, in relation to those others, an example of induction. The folder is "over-stood".

Not only are files arranged in a hierarchical structure. They also have devious 'underground' connections. (like DLL files.) In fact the more of these connections you have the more easily you can figure out new things and solve problems. These are the connections that cannot be taught. You must make them yourself by means of excercising your judgement, i.e. thinking.
When you go to school, you are taught the hierarchy (you understand). When you do your homework you make those underground DLL connections which allow your brain to function more efficiently.
Understanding is like a picture of knowledge while thinking is that knowledge in action.

Now, an IQ test is designed to test your relative knowledge (understanding) and ability to use that knowledge (thinking). Relative is the operative word here. It means how your brain functions in comparison to other people. So when you have an IQ of 100 it simply means that your "intelligence" (your general folder) is filled to an average extent by information of average quality. Such tests serve to point out what specific other folders (within the Intelligence Folder) need to be beefed up in order to keep up with the average person. That's what it was designed for and that's all it's good for.

A big problem occurs when people take it as a genetic marker of latent ability. It isn't.
Genetic factors (provided we are talking about normal brains, not Downes Syndrome, etc.) are almost irrelevant when compared to the content of a mind. You are about 99% software and 1% hardware. This simply acknowledges the power of well integrated knowledge.
Megahertz in the brain is not an important a factor as it is in a computer. This is because the human brain operates at about 20 hertz and that's it. It is not subject to improvement. We make improvements to our CPU (which is a software type), to our OS and to our Apps. And collect more data !!!

To increase your IQ then ... do this

  • Keep thinking
  • Read,Think, Know
  • Think some more
  • When you get up in the morning ... think
  • You can also try ... thinking
After a few years you will notice that people whose intelligence you admired, are less intelligent than you thought. This is simply because most people quit thinking after they get out of school and continue to think only in the job context. You can pass them up because an IQ test measures relative intelligence. (There is no way to measure absolute intelligence.)

I know this to be the case from personal experience. My IQ in high school was ~127. Now it's ~165. That represents an enormous amount of legitimate effort. If you're not really interested in intellectual things, you might not last long enough to make substantial inprovement.

Types of IQ tests

There are:
  • Adult tests
  • Kid tests
  • Sucker tests
The difference is that adult tests have traps in the questions while the kid tests are straightforward. The adult test will have multiple paths to follow up and the kids' will go straight to the answer. The adult test is meant to measure intellectual surefootedness while the kids' measures speed.


Because if you put traps in kids' tests the kids will get all wrong answers and get discouraged. The idea of the test is to measure relative intelligence. You can't measure anything if everyone gets a score of "0". Kids will beat adults in these tests because their minds are quicker (they have less paths to follow).

Adults anticipate and look for traps in everything because they have been burned in real life so many times (as in the "fine print"). They drive more cautiously because they have been in crashes or have seen them or have almost gotten into them. They don't just look ... they see. And seeing takes longer. That's why "The World's Hardest IQ Test I, II, III?" are ass busters. No question leads directly to the correct answer. There are 'apparent' answers that are wrong, many path forks, and the verbal parts are, in a word, inscrutable. You can spend as much time on it as you want but ... if you spend so much time on it that it becomes the main focus of your life, you have to ask, "Why am I doing this?" and "Wouldn't continuing be an act of stupidity?". Quit here and take your score.

Sucker tests are the ones that Mensa members take to make themselves feel good. They are generally kid tests ( almost straight to the answer, timed ). They produce no sense of mental strain, just fatigue from trying to keep up with a kid pace. They won't make you smarter (not by much). Spending your time reading, say, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon will make you smarter (if you think as well as read).

In the long run, what counts is whether you are happy with yourself and enjoy the use of your mind as ...


If you love your own life and your nature, there is nothing more to seek but more of the same.

Short note on emerging intelligence

If a developing child experiences no severe emotional setbacks early on, he will be extrospective, focusing on the external world. Such a child will do well on an IQ test because virtually all tests deal with the quantitive, hierarchical aspects or existence. These are the things we need to know to make civilization function physically.
A child with emotional setbacks will become introspective, focusing on relationships between people. He will not do as well on IQ tests unless they were to measure somehow interpersonal skills. These are the things needed to make life worth living however.
A being might do one thing first and the other next so that in the end everyone is about equal ... except the people who just keep thinking ... and thinking ... and thinking ...

There are cultural variations as well.
We are the sum of the people who have gone before us as well as whatever we add to that sum. Thus, although we are genetically not much different than Cromagnon man, we are very different in our general attitude toward others and to nature. This is absorbed by cutural osmosis without any effort on our parts. People from more primitive cultures, raised in that culture, cannot blend with a more advanced culture without suffering an identity crisis. This is unavoidable in principle. (see Proper Government Index ... History, Sociology, Economics)

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