Dark Matter
Elliptical Galaxy Anomalies

ecent detection of the absence of dark matter in elliptical galaxies (through Doppler effects on surface planetary nebulae in the galaxy) may be a systemic observation problem rather than a true physical state. These observations indicate that recessional and approaching Doppler shifts are too small to demand any dark matter to hold the galaxy together. Clearly, if clusters of galaxies show clear signs of dark matter (as do spiral galaxies), DM ought to show up in ellipticals as well. If three out of three ellipticals show no DM evidence, in all probability all of them will show the same negative results.


Is this a new face of the phenomena?

I doubt it.

These are the nebulae in the process of slowing down, stopping and returning to the interior of the galaxy. One would expect to see slower speeds here in both the approaching and receding directions leading to "readings" that are at odds with the virial theorem (concerning the average velocities of galaxies in a cluster of same). Clearly, one cannot obtain data about Doppler effects from anything but that component of velocity in the direction of the viewer ... and ... everything inside of an elliptical galaxy is obscured by the outlying nebulae ... unlike galactic clusters wherein the innards are exposed for our observation.

The velocities observed in spiral galaxies are tangential to the core of the galaxy and are observed at the right and left edges of the spiral galaxy. How does one determine the average velocity of nebulae within an elliptical galaxy if one only studies the surface nebulae at the front edge of the elliptical galaxy which are in the process of decelerating and accelerating to and from a point of "0" velocity relative to the observer?

This may get more interesting as more ellipticals are measured ... I await the outcome with interest.

Addendum: 04/17/03

I ran a Google search for "dark matter elliptical galaxies" and got back a contradictory Chandra X-ray observatory page about how there is plenty of DM in elliptical galaxies. It's from January 2003 whereas as the above non-existence observation is from April 2003. That's pretty damn weird. All the dark matter in elliptical galaxies has disappeared in the last couple months. Weird.

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